Courses Literature course in information systems

2555 Literature course in information systems , 8 sp

Advanced studies
Teaching language
Course description

The aim of the course is to deepen the student's knowledge on a chosen focused area of information systems. The literature is chosen, discussed and agreed upon with the teacher and can be related to the topic of the student's master 's thesis.
The advanced courses in Information Systems Science have not changed credits as all the other advanced courses, since the major subject in outgoing.

Learning Goal

You have a deeper understanding of the research frontier in a particular subfield of the subject information systems science. You have also developed your capability to critically read and form synthezise articles.

After completing the course, you will be able to
  • analyze current IT phenomena in the chosen area for the course;
  • critically read and form synthezise articles
Target Group

Hanken degree students with information systems as a major of minor subject only.


214 h individual work by the student

Total Student Workload

214 hours divided into
Scheduled (contact) hours: 1 hour
Non-scheduled work: 213 hours


Written essay 100 %

Books and scientific articles on a chosen topic (1000 pages).