23222-C Marketing across Cultures, 5 cr

Advanced studies
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Course Description: 

“Think global, act local” is an often-heard statement. But how can you act local if you are not aware of the local culture, how it affects consumer behaviour, how to adapt to and be respectful of local contexts? In this course, you will learn about international diversity in consumer behaviour and marketing management, and will learn to analyse various contexts in which this understanding is helpful.
As a self-learning course, the course tests your ability to think about and reflect on your learning, to set your own deadlines and goals, and to be motivated to learn by self-studying.

It is important that you have previous knowledge of basics in marketing and that you read carefully the assigned literature and the assignment instructions in Moodle.

The course can be taken between 3.9.2018 and 30.6.2019 (P1, P2, P3, P4, SP2).

This is a self-study course.

Learning Goal: 

You have perception of how marketing strategies can be implemented in different national contexts.

After completing the course, you will be able to: 
  • identify how international diversity influences marketing strategies and their implementation
  • apply marketing strategies in various marketing contexts
  • analyse how cultural backgrounds influence consumer behaviour

Completed Bachelor Degree.

Basics in Marketing.

Total Student Workload: 

134 hours divided into
scheduled contact hours: 0 h
non-scheduled work: 134 h


A self-study course.

The course includes 1) a digital exam performed physically at Hanken (Helsinki or Vaasa), and 2) online assignments in Moodle.

Literature and Course Material: 
  • Usunier, J.-C. & Lee, J. A. (2013). Marketing across cultures. 6th edition. Harlow, England ; New York: Pearson. ISBN: 978-0-273-75773-3 (print), 978-0-273-75776-4 (PDF), 978-0-273-78102-8 (e Text)

A written digital exam of the course literature and completed assignments.

A list of exam questions are made available in Moodle. The exam consist of a random sample of these questions plus an additional question that is not on the prepared list. The exams are assessed about once a month (not two weeks after each exam). Dates of assessment are announced in Moodle.

Evaluation of two written assignments.

Please note that written assignments are checked for plagiarism.

Recommended Time of Performance: 

This course can be taken at any time during your Master’s studies.

Equivalent Courses: 

Major subject students in Marketing can include a maximum of two of the self-study courses (23222-A, 23222-B-V, 23222-C or 23222-D) in their major subject studies.