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23116 Transformative Service Strategies , 5 sp

Advanced studies
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Course description

Focusing on service-driven business, the course provides students with knowledge and tools about how organizations can develop transformative service strategies building on customer insight. The course is built around a business challenge designed in collaboration with a case company. Students collaborate in multidisciplinary teams to create innovative solutions to a real-world business challenge.

During the project, students engage in the entire process of solving the business challenge, that involves collecting and processing actual data, applying appropriate theories to the problem, and creating and pitching innovative recommendations for the case company. The project is designed to develop collaborative, analytical, creative and problem- solving skills as well as strategic thinking.

The students will draw upon theories on service management, service innovation and design, customer-dominant logic, consumer behavior, marketing communication and branding. Due to the practical orientation, the learning also extends to other areas, such as project management and business models.

Learning Goal

You have an understanding of the changing landscape of marketing and the challenges and opportunities related to service business strategies. You have the competencies and skills for planning, controlling and pitching a service strategy project and understand interpersonal and collaborative issues that drive successful project outcomes. 

After completing the course, you will be able to
  • identify and interpret different management challenges in service and non-service oriented firms
  • analyse and apply service-based theories in a real-life setting
  • translate the business challenge into a realistic and actionable solution
  • develop and apply your project management and leadership skills
  • professionally present the solution and recommendations that are created by multiple people
  • communicate in various formats (e.g. written and oral) and for various purposes (e.g. informing, persuading, justifying)
Limited Number of Participants

Project course, max 30 students are chosen, selection is based on first assignment.
Only students who have passed the mandatory assignment during the first session may participate in the course.


Completed Bachelor's degree is required for all participants. Students must have knowledge of marketing corresponding to 20 ECTS.
Students must have passed the course Service and Customer Strategy  (course code 23105 or code 23039) or take it simultaneously as this course.
There will be a written assignment during the first lecture. Only students who have passed this mandatory assignment may participate in the course, and it cannot be compensated with other assignments. All qualified students will be notified before the second lecture.


Interactive class sessions, guest lectures, and individual and group assignments, case project.
Class attendance is mandatory. Mandatory attendance on the entire pitching day with the case company at the end of the course.

Total Student Workload

134 hours divided into
Scheduled (contact) hours: 20 h
Non-scheduled work: 114 h


Individual assessment 50%
Team assessment 50%
Interactive classroom discussions, guest lectures, individual and group assignments, written and verbal presentations.
The ability and willingness to communicate and contribute to classroom discussions have an impact on the grade.
All assignments are valid for one academic year.

• Articles and miscellaneous material, appr. 350 pages.
• Recommended support literature.

Non-degree studies (Open University, JOO and Contract Studies)

Quota for JOO-students: 3
(no quota for the Open University)