Greetings from the management

Rector Karen Spens and Chairman Björn Wahlroos thank all who participated in the campaign HANKEN RETURNS!


"By the end of 2014 the state launched a new matching initiative aimed to further strengthening the universities basic capital. The condition for the counter financing was that the return on the collected capital would be invested for purposes that in turn met the university's statutory duties. Hanken seized this unique opportunity and started the fundraising campaign HANKEN RETURNS. The campaign ended in the summer of 2017 and by then 944 private individuals, companies and foundations had donated a total of 11.8 million euros.

Hanken is uniquely responsible for the education of Swedish speaking economists. Moreover, it is our mission to provide lifelong learning, promote research findings and to organize activities so that high international standards are ensured in research, education and teaching. Our task is consequently to give back knowledge to the community of which the quality level is crucial for the future of Finland.

Thanks to HANKEN RETURNS and previous fundraising campaigns, Hanken stands strong today and is devoted to its mission. The key to success lies in the mutual trust between Hanken, our students, our alumni, our external partners and all of those who in one way or another supports Hanken's continued development.

Thank you for your support and your commitment to Hanken’s future!"



Karen Spens                                 Björn Wahlroos
Rector                                          Chairman