Recruit a Hanken student

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You can post vacancies, internship positions and thesis commissions through Career Services. Did you know that?


  • We annually mediate around 4 000 job and internship adverts to our students
  • 30 % of our graduates find their first position through us
  • 77 % of our students are already employed when graduating

Post a vacancy

Career Services is an effective channel for employers who want to advertise vacancies to young graduates or students at Hanken. Posting career vacancies and other information about career options on the Career Services’ job board is free of charge. In addition, we also offer different chargeable services for even better visibility and stronger penetration, for example promoting positions directly to a targeted group of students in exchange for a fee.

Post a vacancy here

Post an internship

The students at Hanken have the opportunity to include an internship period in their studies.  Further, Hanken has introduced an obligatory term abroad as a part of the integrated bachelor and master studies, and increasingly the students choose to carry out their period abroad through an internship in another country. Why not seize the opportunity to work together with these eager talents of the future, get fresh perspective and input from future professionals in your field – and strengthen your employer brand at the same time?

Post an internship here

Post a Master’s thesis assignment

Does your company have a project or research pending? Why not let a future professional do the assignment as a Master’s thesis, and let your company gain access to the newest knowledge from within the field? 

You can post your thesis work position here, or get help to find a suitable student for your project or research needs from Career Services. Contact us for further information at careerservices(at)

Salary information and recommendations

The median salary of Hanken students graduating in 2013 was 3250 euros for their first full-time position, the average salary being 3415 euros. According to the latest career survey done in 2014, the average salary for Hanken students graduated in 2009 was 4215 euros.

Starting salary recommendations for recent graduates 

The Career Services receive salary recommendations from SEFE (The Finnish Business School Graduates) yearly. The starting salary recommendation  for year 2016 is 3100-3450 euros. Therecommendations apply for ordinary, non-managerial tasks within the private sector that corresponds to the educational background, and if no additional long-term work experience has been acquired during the studies.  The variety in the salary recommendation is influenced by regional differences and how demanding the work is. 

Summer job salary recommendations for 2017

The Career Services receive salary recommendations for summer jobs from The Finnish Association of Business School Graduates yearly. The recommendations are based on The Finnish Association of Business School Graduates own follow-up surveys on summer workers.

Study credits


Greater Helsinki

Outside Greater Helsinki

















Salary recommendations for Thesis work and commissions

If a student is employed at the company for the period of conducting the thesis, The Finnish Association of Business School Graduates recommends a salary of at least 2400 euros per month. If the compensation for the project is paid as a lump sum, the recommended amount is at least 7000 euros. In a situation where a smaller or less extensive project is related to the thesis, the smaller project should also be taken into consideration when agreeing on the amount of the one-time compensation.

For more information on salary recommendations, visit The Finnish Association of Business School Graduates.