Corporate Collaboration

Corporate collaboration
A close cooperation with the corporate world is both valuable and given for Hanken. For a business school, the corporate dimension is essential in both education and research.

The link between Hanken and business life can be achieved in many ways. You can engage in long-term cooperation by joining our partner programme or by participating in a research project, or take more selected measures with the help of Hanken's Career Services. We also offer executive education programmes for both companies and individuals. 

Partner Programme

The Partner Programme at Hanken offers long-term partnerships between the corporate world and Hanken.

Career Services

Career Services work as a contact link between students and business life and focuses on supporting our students in finding relevant employment. For companies, Career Services offers a variety of methods to reach and recruit Hanken students.

Hanken & SSE Executive Education & EMBA

Hanken & SSE Executive Education & EMBA increases the level of business competence both locally and globally by offering a wide range of leadership development programmes for both individuals and companies.

Hanken Network Day

Hanken Network Day is a forum for networking where students, faculty, employers and company representatives meet during one day. Hanken Network Day is arranged annually at the end of September at Hanken in Helsinki.

Research collaboration

Research at Hanken increasingly involves companies. The results and research findings can come to immediate use for the participating companies and their involvement offers valuable practical insight to our research.

Hanken International Talent (HIT)

HIT (Hanken International Talent) offers companies a unique chance to strengthen their competitive edge through internationalisation by connecting them with high performing international students.

During a structured two-year programme, the student will experience both professional development and personal growth together with a personal sponsor from a participating company.