The yearly homecoming day "Hankendagen" gathers hundreds of alumni back to Hanken!

Hankendagen 2019 will be held in Helsinki.

Information about the latest Hankendagen can be found at hanken.fi/hankendagen

On 12 October 2018 Hankendagen was arranged in Vaasa with key note speeches from Thomas Ek, Roger Holm and Linus Nyman. Mikael Still was appointed to Alumnus of the Year. Hankendagen ended with dinner at Strampen and after party at Cella Nova.

On 13 October 2017 Hankendagen was arranged in Helsinki with key note speeches from Nils Torvalds and Henrik Dettmann. The afternoon continued with workshops and Hankendagen ended with a traditional dinner att ravintola Pörssi. On Hankendagen Annika Sucksdorff was appointed to Alumnus of the Year

Rector Karen Spens with Henrik Dettmann and Nils Torvalds on Hankendagen 2017