Alumni Council

Hanken's Alumni Council

Since 2003, Hanken has had an Alumni Council that supports and develops the alumni activities at Hanken. The members of the council discuss possible themes and interesting speakers for different alumni seminars and events, as well as how Hanken can develop and improve its alumni activities. The Alumni Council nominates new Hanken Ambassadors, who are then elected by Hanken’s rector.

The Alumni Council consists of seven alumni members from both Helsinki and Vaasa as well as a representative from the student union. The Alumni Council meets seven times a year and the term of office is three years.

Chairman Paul Taimitarha, professional corporate board member

paul_taimitarha_150.jpgPaul Taimitarha graduated from Hanken in 1981 with a M.Sc. degree in Economics and Business Administration. During his time at Hanken, Paul was a very active in the student union, e.g. as an SHS board member and member of Casa Nostra. 
Between 1982 and 2005, Paul worked for Unilever, Wärtsilä and Fazer with leading product and service brands in the grocery, design and restaurant sectors as both Marketing and Nordic Category Director as well as CEO. From 2006 to 2013, Paul worked as a managing partner at the consultancy firm Mirror Learning, and between 2013-2016 as CEO at Leipurin Oy. 
Currently, Paul is an active board professional. He is, and has been, engaged in other contexts, including board appointments in Markkinointijohdon ryhmä, Helsinki Bourse Club and acting as the chairman of the board of SHS Support Association.

Inger Aaltonen, Area Manager, YES Ostrobothnia

inger_aaltonen_150.jpgInger Aaltonen graduated from Hanken in Vaasa in 1993 with a M.Sc. degree and a major in marketing. Throughout her studies, she was active in the student union (SSHV). Inger had already tasted the life of an entrepreneur before graduating, as she ran a business in the confectionery industry together with her mother, the women’s clothing store Boutique Bibi, in Vaasa during the years 1990-2010. 
During this period, Inger also worked as a senior assistant in business administration (1994-1995) and as an assistant in marketing (1995). In autumn 2010, she returned to Hanken to work as a lecturer in marketing and as corporate relations coordinator (2011-2012). In 2012-2014, Inger was the Publishing House Manager at Förlags Ab Scriptum. Since fall 2014, Inger has worked as an Area Manager at YES Ostrobothnia, which provides entrepreneurship education service for teachers.
Inger is passionate about entrepreneurship and is also a mentor in a business mentor association in Ostrobothnia and an external member in the board of Coastal-Ostrobothnia’s entrepreneurs.

Daniela Ekholm, EPG controller, Microsoft Oy

daniela_ekholm_150.jpgDaniela Ekholm (née Holmberg) graduated from Hanken in 2005 with a M.Sc. degree and major in accounting. During years 2001 and 2012, Daniela worked as an analyst and auditor for Kolster Oy Ab, KPMG and Novartis. In March 2012, Daniela started her work as controller for Microsoft, and acted as Marketing and Operations Controller in 2014 and 2015. In 2016 worked as finance officer at ACO Pharma oy as well as studying for her CGR-exam. Currently Daniela works as EPG controller for Microsoft.



Markus Fabricius, managing director, Operaria Oy

marcus_fabricius_150.jpgMarkus Fabricius graduated from Hanken in 2007 with an MBA-degree and specialisation in service marketing. He has made his career working in the transport- and recruitment industries in different leadership positions and as an entrepreneur. In 2005-2007, Markus was the CEO of Director’s Cut Oy. He is an experienced negotiator and has thorough insight of change leadership. Markus is currently the managing director of Operaria Oy.



Christoffer Rönnblad, Marketing Director, McDonald’s Finland 

christoffer_ronnblad_150.jpgChristoffer Rönnblad graduated from Hanken in 2008 with a M.Sc. degree and a major in marketing. From 2005 to 2010, Christoffer worked for TBWA\ as project coordinator, Account Manager and Client Service Director. Since January 2011, he has worked for McDonald’s Finland. Christoffer is currently working as Marketing Director and is responsible for the company’s marketing and sales as well as strategy development.  


Thomas Tallskog, Director, Digia Commerce

thomas_tallskog_150.jpgThomas Tallskog graduated from Hanken in Vaasa in 2006 with a M.Sc. degree and a major in management and organisation. Since 1997, Thomas has worked with omni-channel e-business and digital business as CEO and owner of Igence Oy Ab. In 2016 Igence was bought up by Digia and Thomas has since then worked as Director for Digia. Thomas is also engaged in consulting and developing several Finnish leading e-retailers, both with their activities in Finland as well as with internationalisation.


Gabriella Tjeder-Kajander, CEO, Modernit Klassikot

gabriella_tjeder-kajander_150.jpgGabriella Tjeder-Kajander graduated from Hanken in 1983 with a M.Sc. degree and major in management and organisation. During her career, she has worked for e.g. Franck Media, Gallery G18 and HSS Yacht Club. Since 2000, Gabriella is the owner and CEO of Modernit Klassikot. 



If you would like to contact one of the members or have any suggestions for future members, please contact Hanken’s Alumni Coordinator at