Seminar - Human rights – why should investors care?

29.5.2019 08:30-12:00

Seminar - Human rights – why should investors care?

Auditorium Maxen
CCR organises together with FIANT Consulting and 3bility Consulting a seminar about Sustainable Investment and Human Rights. The seminar will be held in English.

The complexity and multitude of social and human rights issues linked to a portfolio have long hindered investor’s ability to engage meaningfully on the “S” in Environmental Social Governance (ESG).

This leads to a situation where social and human rights factors have not yet received the attention and effort they deserve. Recently, this paradigm has begun to shift but despite the guidance and increasing consumer expectations, there is still a gap to fill in order for human rights due diligence to become a household name in the Finnish investment sector. 

To contribute meaningfully to this demanding situation, the purpose of the workshop is to bring different stakeholders together to discuss among other: 

- What are the benefits of an effective human rights due diligence and how does it contribute positively to the “S” of ESG criteria?
- How can investors act as a driving force in requiring human rights due diligence in their portfolios?

The full program and speakers can be found here.

The seminar is free of charge but registration is mandatory. Registration can be done here.

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