Practical Data Protection for Researchers

16.1.2019 12:00-15:00

Practical Data Protection for Researchers

A411 / V142
How to cope with your GDPR related risks in your research projects. Advice on how to manage personal data in your research project and avoid problems and legal issues.

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We will:

  • provide a recap on GDPR
  • introduce Hanken templates for 
    • obtaining consent from research participants/respondents and informing them about their rights (i.e., what to write in e.g. an email, when taking first contact to respondents)
    • description of your data and data processing (which you need to have available for participants/respondents)
  • inform about organisational Data Protection Agreement template (which you should utilize in case you don't use Hanken's standard tools such as Webropol, Office 365)
  • provide guidelines on
    • how to store and share your research data in a secure manner
    • how to act in case of a data breach
  • summarize your personal responsibilities as a researcher
  • have a Questions & Answers session

if you have questions about the content of the event, don't hesitate to contact Hanken's Data Protection Officer (Urpo Kaila)