Invisibilities of business violence

23.9.2019 09:00-12:00

Invisibilities of business violence

Auditorium Futurum, Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki
"Invisibilities of business violence" seminar

Within business schools, violence is rarely mentioned as an outcome of business activities. Yet in contemporary studies from various fields, a number of connections between business and violence have been made increasingly explicit, from the expulsions caused by global market dynamics (cf. Sassen 2014), to violence associated with gendered globalization (Hearn et al. 2017), to the violent outcomes of firm activities in various developing contexts (e.g. Chowdhury in press; Varman and al Amoudi 2016), to intra-organizational emotional abuse (Penttinen et al. 2019). While violence in these contexts takes different shapes, a seemingly common feature is the role of invisibilities: of violence itself, of those people (and sometimes non-human animals) on whom violence is perpetrated, and of the role that business directly or indirectly plays in this.

In this seminar, we invite four expert scholars on the question of business and violence to present and discuss insights from some of their recent and ongoing work:
o    Rashedur Chowdhury 
o    Jeff Hearn
o    Marjut Jyrkinen 
o    Rohit Varman

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