International Alumni Day in London

18.5.2018 13:00-18:00

International Alumni Day in London

The yearly International Alumni Day will be held in London on Friday 18 May 2018!

Time: 18 May 2018 at 14.00-18.00
Place: Kensington Suite, Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington, 4-18 Harrington Gardens, Kensington, London SW7 4LH
Dinner: at 19.00 Tom's Kitchen Chelsea, 27 Cale Street, London, SW3 3 QP
Speakers: Peter Sarlin, Kalinka Kay, Steve Naudé

Soon it will be time for this year’s International Alumni Day and we are gathering in London this year. This Alumni Day will be the 12th Alumni Day abroad and the 3rd one in London. The International Alumni Day offers an excellent opportunity to meet other alumni across Europe. Sign up and let’s make this meetup a success!

The programme is in English and we withhold the right to adjustments in the programme.


14.00   Welcome & What is up at Hanken
            Karen Spens
            Rector, Hanken

14.45   Machine and Human Intelligence in Finance
            Peter Sarlin,
            Professor of Practice at Hanken, Executive Chairman and Chief Scientist at Silo.AI

15.30   Coffee break

16.00   The Future of Retail and Consumer - True Thoughts
            Kalinka Kay
            Associate, True.

16.30   Making Money Borderless
            Steve Naudé
            Head of Banking team for the Middle East and Africa, TransferWise

17.00    My Story Alumni

18.00    Cocktail at Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington

19.00    Dinner at Tom's Kitchen Chelsea


Price and registration

The seminar day is free of charge. All participants pay for their own travel- and accommodations expenses. The dinner payment is 80 euros and will be held at Bella Italia South Kensington (may be subject to change). The dinner payment is upon registration through online payment.

Sign up via this link (by 6 May 2018)

Our speakers

Peter Sarlinpeter.jpg
Peter Sarlin is the Executive Chairman and Chief Scientist of Silo.AI, leading the company’s AI platform initiative. Sarlin is also Professor of Practice at Hanken School of Economics in machine learning and artificial intelligence, with a special focus on applications in financial, economic, and societal disciplines. Sarlin is a research associate with London School of Economics, Halle Institute for Economic Research and University of Cape Town, and has previously worked for the ECB and IMF among others.

Kalinka Kay

Kalinka led business development at Grace Belgravia, a startup health and wellbeing platform before joining True. She started her career advising central banks and hedge funds at Barclays Capital. Kalinka joined True over 3 years ago and has been involved in dozens of fundraises and advises over 20 businesses.

Steve Naudé

Steve heads the Banking team for the Middle East and Africa at TransferWise, the Mavinternational money transfer platform. Here he works with banks, partners and regulators to build partnerships and expand the TransferWise experience into the region. TransferWise is a new kind of financial company for people and businesses that travel, live and work internationally.



Please contact with questions regarding the International Alumni Day in London.


See you in London!


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