Career chat with PwC

27.4.2017 10:00-13:00

Career chat with PwC

Teachers lounge, 5th floor
A career chat is an integral part of your networking, career exploration, and job-hunting plan. Now you have the chance to book your individual time slot for it!

A career chat is an informal conversation between you and someone working at a company you are interested in. The company representant is there to provide you with information and advice about the company and the industry. It is an effective research tool for you in addition to reading books, exploring the Internet and examining job descriptions. This way you can find out something that you cannot hear from anywhere else. 
Keep in mind that it is not a job interview, and the objective is not to provide job openings but to help you in your career planning by providing insights

In April you will have the chance to chat with Hanken Premium partner PwC. You can book yourself a time slot of half an hour. 

Book your time slot here (opens around 1 month in advance).