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9.10.2018 15:14

Greetings from Russia from Anna, Hanken international student ambassador!

Last week was full of adventures for me and Natalia, marketing assistant at Hanken. We spent almost a week on a duty: we visited Moscow and Saint Petersburg for the study fairs where we advertised education at Hanken and answered tonnes of questions from the potential Hanken students until we both lost our power and voices


The study fairs showed that there is a strong interest from the international applicants towards Hanken and this is wonderful! An opportunity to meet people from all over the world, get broad cultural experience, exchange the ideas and even start an international company - this is just a few things that are possible at Hanken School of Economics thanks to its international community. 

For those who always desires more, you can go for the exchange studies from Hanken to other great universities in Europe, South and North America, Asia and other regions depending on your personal and professional interests. You can go to Russia as well!


PS: The trips to Russia are always full of surprises; in most cases, you cannot even imagine how Russia may surprise you this time. Once it happened to us that one train ticket was unexpectedly cancelled, hotel payment was withdrawn from the card a couple of times or a pre-ordered taxi forgot to pick us up at the railway station... keep calm...  we were staying strong and having fun :D  

5.10.2018 13:40
Welcome to the first blog from Ana!

My name is Ana and I am a second-year master's degree student here at Hanken Major Economics. I come from Italy, but I was born in Albania. I am the new international student ambassador for Economics and this is my first blog where I will write about interesting events organized at Hanken!
Since I managed to finish most of my courses in the first year, I am left now with the thesis and 2 language courses. This allows me to have more free time to attend interesting events organized at Hanken and in other places. I enjoy attending events since you meet new people and learn something new. Last month I.e. September I attended two wonderful events organized at Hanken:

  1. Hanken Network Day (HND);
  2. Nordic Business Forum.

HND is an event that Hanken organizes every year in September so well-known companies and students can meet. Particularly students have the chance to get an interview from different companies or to get advice for their CV. Furthermore, you can get a professional photo that can put in your CV or keep as a remember. This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss! To finish the day, a dinner is served so you can continue networking and enjoy the evening in relax.
Nordic Business Forum is a 2-day event organized here in Helsinki where people from all around the world come to listen to inspiring speeches. Every year the event has a theme. This year themes were strategy, AI and peak performance. Since the event was very expensive to attend, Hanken provided the opportunity to listen in streaming. I was fascinated about the simplicity of the speach so that everyone could understand. I tried to listen to different speakers like:

  •  Aswath Damodaran that spoke about the lifecycle of a firm and how should the CEO behave in each lifecycle;
  •  Susan Cain that presented the importance of understanding the personality of the employee;
  • Gary Hamel that spoke about the power of open innovation
  • Etc.

Finally, there was the President of the United States Barack Obama to give the final speech about leadership. It was an amazing opportunity to listen to these inspiring speeches.

I would like to end this first blog with a quote that Gary Hamel mentioned during his speech:
“In my experience, innovation can only come from the bottom. Everyone must be able to experiment, learn, and integrate. Position, obedience and tradition should hold no power.”

Greg Lindom

Thank you and have a great weekend!

17.9.2018 13:44

Hi all! The summer is over, and a new academic year has started. Since my last blog entry was quite a long time ago. I am going to introduce myself again. My name is Marcel and I am now a second year Master of Finance student from Germany and the student ambassador for the Finance track. I live in Helsinki since August 2017 and I really enjoy my time here!

As I mentioned in my last blog entry I spent the summer working as an intern in a M&A boutique in Germany. This was an excellent opportunity to apply the theoretical frameworks learned at Hanken and get to know the daily life of an M&A Analyst. Since September I am back in Helsinki and I am looking forward to my final year of studies. The big upcoming challenge for this academic year will be writing my master thesis seminar and the master thesis itself. At Hanken a master student is responsible for finding and defining his own thesis topic. It is important to make sure that the same research was not conducted before. I submitted my topic proposal last week and now I am waiting for feedback from the finance department. In my next blog entry, I can hopefully update you about the progress I am doing with my thesis.

Besides working on my thesis, I am going to take one or two more courses and work on my Finnish language skills. If you are interested to stay and work in Finland as a foreigner, knowing Finnish gives you a big advantage in the job market even though everybody knows English. During this winter I am going to apply for several full-time positions. My plan is to start working full time latest by September 2019. Thanks to Hanken´s great reputation and various networking events hosted by Hanken and the student associations I am convinced I will be able to find a job in the field of my interest.

With that said I hope you have a great start into the new academic year. If you have any questions regarding studying at Hanken please do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to hear from you.


24.6.2018 22:23
What is so good about attending the Summer School while you are a student?

This summer I attended for the first time the IPR Summer School organized by the IPR University Center together with Hanken. It was a week of new insights into the latest intellectual property trends and challenges that IP law meets in an age of artificial intelligence. Smart cars, robots, e-courts, and other attributes of digitalization totale that sooner or later should become an inalienable part of our lives make us thinking - how these ‘intelligent’ innovations shall be treated from a legal perspective? Shall we change our legal attitude and give them own personality? In general, can synthetic machines be treated as independent items from those who created them? Can we increase the level of transparency and fairness if we have courts without biased judges and lawyers? Is it even physically possible to create absolutely objective algorithms without any prejudice? Are traditional intellectual property concepts are still relevant in a new environment?

Indeed, there are more questions than answers. Perhaps we are simply not there yet!

Although these are just some of the thrilling topics that were addressed during this Summer School, unfortunately it is hardly possible to go into details in the blog post! My main point here is that good summer school is an incredible step forward in your personal development. It is the place where you start really thinking about different issues from multiple perspectives and can share your thoughts with your friends and colleagues. 

From my own perspective, I discovered several absolute advantages you will get by participating in the summer school. 

First, people from different countries are put under one roof and learn about each other culture, traditions, language and education. It is a invaluable chance to extend your network, find new paths for your own research, make new friends or even meet someone special. Well, who knows!

Second, organizers of a good summer school invite professionals from both, the industry and academia, who are leaders in their field. These amazing people will tell you about recent trends from multiple perspectives, give you the information you can never find in books and you will be involved in the discussion even if you have never planned it. The learning process is very open, friendly and supportive. I would even say it is a collaborative event when everyone share their knowledge, experience, general thinking and inspiration. 

Third, you can gain ECTS if you follow all the requirements and this will be an additional plus for your transcript. 

Finally, coffee breaks are perfect for a discussion and asking questions. Believe me, you will always get an answer or at least plenty of new information and a very fruitful dialogue.

Yes, and for those who like coffee, this is a heaven!

Enjoy your summer and greetings from Italy! 



28.5.2018 09:30
Amazing week in California with ABC

Hi again,

 you might remember my last blog entry in which I wrote about my experience in the Academic Business Consulting course (Next year it’ll be called only Business Consulting). But same as all good things, also this course is coming to an end. This means it was time for our group to visit our previously chosen destination San Francisco for a joint trip as reward for the hard consulting work we have done in 7 projects overall.

We are currently sitting at the Oakland International Airport as I write this, waiting for our flights back to Finland. We have experienced so much during the past week that it becomes a task of its’ own to comprehend all of it into one blog entry but I’ll give it a try.

The trip began with an amazing weekend spent in California’s famous Muir Woods and a 19 km hike. The following day we (the ones who were still able to walk) visited Santa Cruz and hoped for some waves to learn how to surf, which was cancelled due to a lack of waves. However, a wonderful weekend was a great start to prepare us for the upcoming company visits.

We got to talk to several very inspiring individuals from venture capital investment firms such as 50 years and Index, as well as from serial entrepreneurs like Ugur Kaner and Canopy’s open workspace community director Red Rainey.  San Francisco is all about who you know and what you make out of your contacts, at least when it comes to business. The motivation of people has all kinds of different backgrounds, which makes this fast paced environment an open playground for tech enthusiasts, communication lovers and also profit hungry capitalists. I personally found the difference in culture compared to Finland to be very extreme. In Finland people are more rational, seeking low-risk investments and business models, whereas the people in San Francisco live by selling dreams and ideas to raise capital for start-ups. The difference was not necessarily bad, just shocking to someone who has never experienced it.

21.5.2018 14:54

Hey there,

Let my first introduce myself again. My name is Marcel I am 25 years old and originally from Germany. I am the International Student Ambassador for the Finance Track at Hanken and this my second blog entry.

The first year of my Master studies is now over, the last study period was intense, I had a lot of mid-terms, assignments, group work and presentation. However, I had my last exam two days ago and now it is time to enjoy the summer. The weather here in Helsinki has been perfect the last week. Thus, I spent the first day after my last exam at the beach and tried to replace the library/desktop tan with some real tan. I will stay in Helsinki for a couple more days before I will go back to Germany for the summer. I will do a three months internship in M&A. I hope to apply the knowledge I acquired at Hanken. I think the Corporate Finance course I took last period will be especially useful for that. I am curious and excited about new challenges and opportunities to learn the practical side of Finance. I will come back to Helsinki at the beginning of September and I am hoping to see some of you guys in person, but until then enjoy your summer!


Best Regards


10.5.2018 10:22

Possibly after you have lived one month in Helsinki, you would have known all the corners in this capital city. However, small as the city is, opportunities are abundant! 


It might come as a surprise depending on where you are coming from. In Finland, more than half of the university students are working while studying. What’s more connected to your future career than real work experiences? Finnish society actively supports student work offering part-times, traineeships, internships, and summer jobs. The vibrant local startup world also welcomes both local students and internationals. During my first-year master studies, I had an internship in an NPO initiating and organizing events for foreign jobseekers in Finland. I have been also volunteering for different events such as for the legendary SLUSH – the world biggest startup event organized by Finnish students. 


8.5.2018 12:23


I want to talk about one of the most anticipated student events in Finland – Vappu. It is a national May Day celebration when the students get loose and graduates get a chance to reminisce those student days.

There are two important days on Vappu, April 30th and the May Day itself. Personally, I like the things that are going on during the April 30th more. Additionally, the weather on May Day this year was terrible so I have used the day just as a chance to relax and meet up with some friends.

So, Vappu is celebrated by every student union in Finland and the Student Union of Hanken (SHS) is no exception to that. We started our celebrations in the Observatory Park in Helsinki, a nice place with a sea view, slightly further away from the main crowd. This year the attendance was amazing and you could see plenty of students around: masters, bachelors, exchange peeps… As the time went by and the crowd got bigger, we started to resemble a large group of NASA astronauts, thanks to our white overalls (indispensable piece of clothing during the Vappu).


So yeah, the event itself is more or less about hanging around with your buddies, playing games, drinking some bubbly, having a picnic. For me, it was a great opportunity to catch up with my buddies from Economics Department. Mats has spent half a year in Japan under QTEM programme, Noora and Elise were in Switzerland and Austria under Erasmus. Therefore, we finally could share our experiences and talk about the future plans. As those plans are big for all of us, we came to a conclusion that this might be our last Vappu together. Sad.

23.4.2018 21:50

Gender equality is a rising topic in Finland, even this land is already one of the top countries in gender equality and people are still striving hard for it, in my eyes, Finnish society has done almost everything possible they can to help woman, but why it hasn't be fully achieved and there is still differences in salaries and other rights? After I two events I attended at Hanken, I realised something.

Last Tuesday, I attended an induction event of Finnish Young Shareholder Network, which was newly established, and many initiators are from Hanken, yes, proud of it. :) I had a friend of mine with me going there together, and when we arrived, we found out that we are the only two female participants, and rest of the group are guys. I asked the board members of the organization if this also the case of their members. They first showed a pity smile, and said yes, they have very few female members. This reminds me about an event last year, when Mensa visited Hanken and offer free IQ test to Hanken students, I went there, and saw majorities are guys. The Chairwoman of Mensa Finland also pointed out this phenomena, every time, the ratio of female vs male test takers is 3:7, and the same ration among Mensa's member globally. And Mensa neither doesn't know why it is like this.

These two events made me thinking, it appears that it is women are not proactive enough in striving to get themselves equal things, or even more. Perhaps because of afraid of taking risks or failure or lose something else, or just not so sure about themselves. In my opinion, gender equality doesn't mean "We women are better",  instead it's "we are not less". I encourage every female student to be confident about herself on all aspects at early age, and be brave to embrace the new challenges and be able to undertake the risks. Be the one!

Post by Fangbing Wang

15.3.2018 22:44

Hey everybody!

This is my first blog post as an international student ambassador and the first time I write a blog in general. Since you have probably no idea who I am I would like to introduce myself first before I will share my past experience with you. My name is Marcel and I am a first year Master of Finance student from Germany. I live in Finland since August 2017 and I really enjoy my time here!

During the last half a year at Hanken I had the opportunity to meet a lot of great and interesting people from all over the world. I met them during classes, group work, and other student activities. I am confident that the contacts and friends I made will last even when I am done with my studies. Besides the people at Hanken, the courses are very interesting too. In my first semester, I had the opportunity to learn what are the expectations when you write a thesis in finance at Hanken, and what kind of ways exist for conducting empirical research in finance. In another course, it was possible to be part of a two-day case study event together with PwC. During these two days, I and my group mates had to face a real life valuation case and present and defend it in front of professionals from PwC. This was perfect to test the studied theories in a real-life scenario.
A further highlight at the end of 2017 was the visit of SLUSH. SLUSH is one of the biggest start-ups events with over 20 000 attendees, 2600 startups and 1500 investors from all over the world. It was impressive to see how big and flourishing the start-up scene is here in Helsinki. An added plus was also the after show party of the event. It was a lot of fun and one of the biggest parties I have been. The current semester is going on at the moment. The semesters here in Hanken are separated into periods with new courses and exams every period. In fact, the first period of the second semester of my first year just ended. This means half time for my second semester!
I just finished the last of my three exams for this period. It was rather stressful to have three exams on three consecutive days and I spent long days in the library, but I was never alone there. Thus, there was always time for a coffee and some fun together my friends and fellow students.

Since I just finished my last exam for this period, I will now say goodbye. I will directly go to the airport to pick up one of my friends from Germany. In the next days, I will show him Helsinki, the Finnish Sauna tradition, and a day trip to Tallinn is also planned. Apart from that, I will try to relax a bit before everything starts again next week.