GPA requirement

Applicants with a qualifying degree from an EU/EEA country need to have a GPA of at least GOOD or equivalent.

The specific minimum GPA requirement is:

70-79              (the scale used by Hanken 50-100)
3                      (Finnish scale of 1-5)
Grade B          (American scale)             


Please check your GPA by using the WES World Education Systems service online. 

NB! If the GPA of your qualifying degree is not clearly stated on your degree certificate/transcript of records/Diploma Supplement, you need to request an official certificate clearly stating your GPA from the awarding institution. If this is not possible, your are asked to calculate your GPA in the online application form. Hanken reserves the right to calculate your GPA and interpret the result accordingly.

Should your GPA be lower than the set requirement, you can always prove your eligibility by submitting a valid and verifiable GMAT/GRE score. More information about GMAT/GRE can be found here.