Here you can find more information about being employed as a doctoral student at Hanken.

From autumn 2021 and onward new PhD students will be offered a 100% employment for the first 12 months of their studies. After this, provided that the student had a good success during their first year, Hanken offers an employment for 56% for the upcoming three years (12+12+12). During years 2-4 students are expected to apply for research funding for your fulltime studies so that the total amount of the salary is 100%. Hanken offers help in applying for funding.

Receiving a study place and an employment contract

In order to be offered an employment contract, you will first have to accept officially your study place at Hanken, in accordance with the instructions provided to you with the letter of acceptance.

By signing the contract, you will have agreed to study full-time and you cannot hold another full-time job. If you interrupt the studies or cease to study full-time, as an employee, you will have to hand in your notice or apply for leave of absence

Remember to also register as present as a doctoral student at the Hanken PhD Programme

Submit your personal bank account details (IBAN and BIC) to the HR unit, The salary will be paid to this account on the last bank day of each month.

Employment for PhD students beginning in autumn 2021 and onward

The employment as a doctoral student (in Swedish: doktorand) will be signed for 100% for 12 months. Provided that the student has a good study progress during their first year, Hanken offers a employment with 56% for the upcoming 3 years (12+12+12). The work is full-time. The terms of employment are based on the general collective agreement for universities, other legislation and Hanken’s internal guidelines.

Working hours

The working hours for doctoral students are the total work time (1 624 hours per year in full-time employment) in accordance with the collective agreement. For the academic year / term, a work plan will be drawn up including all the work tasks as well as the students’ own doctoral studies. The work plan for a doctoral student cannot include teaching equivalent to no more than 5 per cent of the total work time. The Head of Department will approve your work plan.  

Occupational health and insurance

As a doctoral student in employment you are entitled to Hanken’s occupational health services at Terveystalo. You are covered by insurance during working hours as well as on your way to and from work.

Follow-up of studies and the option to extend the contract

When the studies begin, you and your supervisor should draw up a study plan for the first year of studies and submit it to the Doctoral Studies coordinator for approval. The following year you will receive an enquiry concerning the progress of your doctoral studies and your plans for the following year. Rector makes the final decision regarding the continuation of your employment. More information will be given if you are admitted to the PhD Programme.

Additional information

Hanken’s Human Resources unit will provide additional information concerning the employment contract and other issues relating to the employment. The easiest way to reach us is by email, addressed to In urgent cases, you could also call HR Administrative Officer Heidi Sten (+358 (0)40 3521 214) or HR Specialist Linda Nyqvist (+358 (0)50 463 5467).