Frequently asked questions: Open University

List of the most common questions

Before signing in for courses

  • Do I need to have right for signing in/log in to the study register WebOodi to be able to register for courses? Answer: You are not supposed to register in WebOodi (it is only meant for degree students) In stead, please sign up for Open University only via the Open university registration system on
  • How much do the Open university courses cost? The fee is 15 euro/ECTS (extremely inexpensive)
  • Is it possible to attend at on-line courses from every part of the world? Yes, if you can submit a so called strong authentication: either identify through Finnish bank identification system or come to Hanken and show your valid passport

After course registration

  • How do I will access the teaching on-line? You need to activate your computer ID to Hanken network after 2-3 weeks from registration, by latest one week before course start. Read your Hanken e-mail regularly
  • How can I sign in Moodle? By activating your computer-ID at Hanken

After completing the course/courses