Past awardees

Humanitarian logistics has awarded masters and doctoral thesis throughout the years.

Past awardees for Best masters thesis in humanitarian logistics



Juliet Bvekwa: "Improving CARE Zimbabwe Non Food Items Management and Accountability", Università della Svizzera Italiana.

Honorary mentions

Kathryn Nishimura & Jian Wang: "Calculating Humanitarian Response Capacity", Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



Rose van Steijn: "Participatory Games as a Possible Road to Safety (Or how participatory tools can change organisational road safety behaviour)", Università della Svizzera Italiana.

The novelty of the thesis, including the novelty of its methods, and the potential to impact on humanitarian logistics practice were main criteria in selecting this thesis as the winner for 2012.

Honorary mentions

Henrietta Buddas: "Streamlining Humanitarian Operations through a Bottleneck Analysis - Case Emergency Response Units, the Finnish Red Cross", Hanken School of Economics.

Tony Villy Odong: "Strategies for Effective Programme Implementation through Humanitarian Accountability Framework - A Case Study of Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Somalia", Università della Svizzera Italiana.

Harwin de Vries: "Optimising Africa - How to optimise investments in the network of medical centres along the African Highways", ERASMUS University Rotterdam.

Past awardees for Best doctoral thesis in humanitarian logistics


Jessica L. Heier Stamm: "Design and Analysis of Humanitarian and Public Health Logistics Systems", Georgia Institute of Technology.

The motivation for Heier Stamm receiving the award was based on the novelty of her thesis, its strong theoretical contribution, and its strong impact on humanitarian logistics practice.

The award was announced in connection to the 5-year anniversary seminar of the HUMLOG Institute on 26 November 2013, by HUMLOG board members Karen Spens, professor at Hanken, and Hannu Kari, professor at the National Defence University.