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Let our International Student Ambassadors introduce you to Hanken and the student life.

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The International Student Ambassadors change annually, thus there are several blog post from many different perspectives.

My name is Anastasiia, and currently I’m a first-year master’s student in the specialization of Business and Management at Hanken.

Anastasia Strokova

I’m originally from Russia, and the city of Saint-Petersburg reminds Helsinki a lot – cold wind, a lot of rain, and nevertheless beautiful and special atmosphere, so I feel here right at home. For the first time, I got at Hanken by chance in 2018 as an exchange student. Then I immediately fell in love with the educational process and student community, and thus after graduating from a bachelor’s degree in International Commercial activity in Russia, I came back to Finland to continue my studying. As a matter of fact, my wish to return here was so strong that it was the only university where I sent my documents, just hoping for admission, and I got this chance! Besides, I was admitted to getting a Premium Scholarship, which made it generally possible for me to move to Helsinki.

I chose the Marketing track only because it correlates to my business-studying background, but indeed my interests here are much wider, and Hanken enables me to study completely diverse fields. Thus, during the first semester, besides business disciplines, my courses touched geopolitics, creative thinking, sustainability and ecology, basics of programming and data analysis. And I love it so much!

Furthermore, intense timetable of various free events like forums, networking days and workshops definitely makes the life outside the class bright and exciting, and there are totally no boring days – each one is different (of course, if you do not want the opposite yourself). Finally, companies’ visits, programs of mentorship, internship, exchange opportunity and Hanken International Talent initiative contribute a lot to professional development of students and finding of own path in Finland.

I’m smiling thinking about my tomorrow here and wish you the same! Do not miss a chance to become a part of great student life at Hanken, and if you have anything to ask about – feel free to text me here:


Hi folks,

Hanh Pham

My parents have been calling me Hanh Pham my entire life, so I guess that’s my name and you can call me Hanna if you find the pronunciation to my name is challenging. I come from Hanoi - the capital city of a relatively small, tropical country located in South East Asia, known as Vietnam. Finland has been my second home since 2014 - when I first arrived here as a Bachelor student, pursuing my degree in field of International Business at Seinajoki UAS (aka SeAMK -Seinäjoen ammattikorkeakoulu). You may not believe this, but whenever I go back to Vietnam for a vacation, I always miss Finland and long to be back as soon as possible (even though, I love and adore Vietnam with all my heart!).

Introducing myself as a Master student, I have just been admitted to the Business & Management program, under Humanitarian Logistics track at Hanken School of Economics.

During my bachelor study, I fortunately realized my strong passion for Supply Chain management and Logistics, so I decided to set my foot in this career path. Simultaneously, I understood that my Bachelor program does not sufficiently and profoundly equip me with the amount of specialized knowledge required to apply for a job on the field. That’s when I started to do my research on different Master programs and Hanken immediately took the spotlight. At first sight, I am absolutely intrigued by the well-designed curriculum of the track: Incredibly interactive, yet advanced and empirical. Those courses such as Supply Chain Risk and Resilience or, Multivariate Data Analysis would absolutely fill the gap in my technical competences and significantly expand my knowledge base. Furthermore, Hanken fully comprehends the need of Finnish labor market, in which nowadays appreciate Data Analytical skills more than ever. Hence, the university makes Market Analytics, in which provides in-depth understanding over R programming for data analysis, as one of the mandatory courses so that you will be ready for many job requirements. Additionally, the opportunity to put the theory acquired from lectures into practices via numerous practical projects has convinced me that achieving my Master’s Degree at Hanken is equal to achieving concrete expertise on my profession. Moreover, I have always been eager to contribute to a greater cause than myself. Therefore, the study of Humanitarian Logistics, which specializes more in the field of disaster relief rather than commercial purposes, has strongly aroused my interests.

Hanken further impresses me by its extracurricular activities offered to students, both professionally and socially. The Master’s Committees and Student Union organize plenty of events for students to get to know each other better and more importantly, many occasions are also held to connect different companies’ representatives with Hanken students throughout the academic year. What excited me the most among all is the Hanken International Talent (HIT) program. HIT is definitely a “golden gate” of opportunity for every international student to effectively shape one’s career path and penetrate smoothly into the Finnish workforce. With its extensive partnership network, HIT is, undoubtedly, a perfect platform where talents and companies have the chance to collaborate, exchange knowledge and work together for a commonly established vision. On that account, HIT can be seen as a solid competitive advantage that Hanken has to offer and the program was one of the main reasons that support my decision of accepting admission proposal at Hanken, instead of other universities.

If you have questions – send me an email

Melanie Oun

International Strategy and Sustainability track


I’m Mélanie and I am just about to start my last year of Master studies here at Hanken. I was born and raised in Paris, France and moved to Finland 5 years ago, right after high school. I had a passion for tourism and wanted to pursue studies in that field which led me to Finland.  

After a bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management in Haaga-Helia, university of applied sciences, I took a year to get some work experience. During that year, my ambition only grew bigger and getting a master’s degree seemed the best way for me to achieve my career goals. I chose Hanken for the connection they have with companies. Not only do we collaborate with organizations during our courses, we also have plenty of internship opportunities and can benefit from great programs Hanken has in place.  

Last year, I joined the Hanken International Talent program that helps international students connect with Finnish companies in order to help them start a career in Finland. I now have a mentor from KPMG for the whole time of my master studies and will be on internship in KPMG for the spring 2020. 

I decided to apply to the Business and Management program and to specialize in the International Strategy and Sustainability track. I chose this track for the wide range of subjects that are covered by the program. As part of the Business and Management program we take courses in marketing, humanitarian logistics and supply chain on top of the courses from our own track.  

I would recommend anyone to apply! Not only for the quality of the education, the opportunities and the experience but also to experience the great student life in Hanken. With the great friends you will make, the studies, the student life and the student parties, you won’t have time to be bored for a second!  

If you have any questions, send me a message!  


Karina Ebeling

My name is Karina and I am a first-year master student at Hanken. I originally moved to Finland from Germany right after I finished my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2017. Since then I have gained two years of work experience in the Finnish corporate world.

I am now pursuing my master’s degree at Hanken in Financial Analysis and Business Development with a major in Accounting. During my time here in Finland I realized that a master’s degree is essential to meet my career goals and I am also hoping to broaden my professional network in Finland during my time at Hanken.

I chose to study at Hanken due to its international environment and interesting curriculum in my chosen field of studies. The accounting track offers many different specialized courses, including courses from the fields of Finance and Corporate Governance. In addition, Hanken has a very active student community and social clubs for many different interests. After participating in many social events during my first semester at Hanken, I joined the Master’s Committee and am now an active member of the student union. We organize career and social events for the master’s students at Hanken.

I would recommend anyone to apply to study at Hanken. You will not only gain a profound education in your chosen field of study, but also the chance to join an amazing international student community. If your goal is to advance in the field of research or land a corporate gig, Hanken has the right connections and can help you advance your career in Finland.

Contact me if you have any questions at

Hi there!

My name is Sohaib and I belong from Pakistan! Here at Hanken, I am pursuing a graduate degree in Finance under the Financial Analysis and Business Development (FABD) specialization.

Sohaib Ahmed

My interest in Finance roots back to my undergraduate where I learned that Finance is not all about making money for myself (of course, it's as lucrative as it gets) but it is also about value creation for the economy as a whole. The field of Finance offers solutions to economic problems, and since I observed the prevalence of these problems in my own country, I decided to pursue an academic career in Finance in the hopes that I could someday inspire young minds and promote financial literacy with my teaching and research skills.

I chose Hanken because of its intensive program which equips students not only with underlying Financial theory, but also practical application of Finance in combination with Statistics and Computer Programming. Hanken offers an unparalleled faculty who are professionals in their own fields, be it Econometrics, Asset Pricing or Corporate Finance. In comparison to other Business Schools, a distinguishing factor is that Hanken encourages students to pursue a Masters thesis in Bitcoin Factor Mining and also offers relevant courses in Fintech and Blockchain.

I am excited to have this opportunity to represent the Finance track and share my first-hand experience with you all. Feel free to reach out to me at

Yang Yang

Governance and Commercial law track

Hello! My name is Yang Yang. I am a second-year master student at Hanken.

I am originally from China. I first came to Finland to study computer science at Aalto University. Since then I have settled down in Finland and been working as a software engineer.

About three years ago, I started taking courses from Hanken’s open university, partly because of Hanken’s proximity to my workplace and partly because of the interesting courses offered by Hanken. After two years of studying at the open university, I finally applied to the official master program. It feels refreshing to come back to school. 

Comparing to comprehensive universities such as Aalto and Helsinki University, Hanken is much more specialized and compact, which makes it easier for students to navigate through the curriculums offered. But if you nevertheless are interested in courses outside the business field, Hanken offers easy access to courses from Aalto and Helsinki University. While remaining focused, students are not confined to Hanken’s curriculums.

I have enjoyed my life in Finland. It’s peaceful, safe and predictable. If you value similar things and want to settle down, take all the Finnish language courses offered at Hanken.

Let me know if you have any questions

Hello! Jitesh here. I’m a first year master’s student in the intellectual property (IP) law track at Hanken. I’d say my name is Djitesh, for Nordic purposes, since the letter J is pronounced differently here!

Jitesh Gupta

I hail from India. Before landing up in Helsinki in August 2019, I had lived in New Delhi for a decade. (Though I’d lived in India all my life, the places I’ve been to before 2009, is a long story which deserves a blog post of its own, to be honest!)

My academic background consists of two bachelor’s degrees. I’ve got a bachelors in science, wherein I studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, (and other “sciencey” stuff). I followed that up with a law degree. After graduating from law school in 2016, I worked for 3 years as an Advocate. The job involved the lawyery stuff you might have seen in the movies, minus the glamour and the drama!

One can say that my career profile doesn’t really fit into that of a conventional “business school” student. But then, the IP track at Hanken is not a conventional business course either! I feel that it’s been tailor made for people (like me!) who are interested in knowing what intellectual property is all about, and how businesses can actually use it to help them grow and prosper. While the former can perhaps be taught at other law schools, I don’t imagine a better place than Hanken to learn about the business side of things. It doesn’t hurt that the core faculty and international guest lecturers involved in teaching us IP law are some of the foremost academicians and industry leaders, while for the business curriculum, we have access to the entire array of courses on offer at Hanken. (It would be a good idea to read more about the course on the Hanken website, if you haven’t done that already!)

When I’m not studying, I spend my time roaming around the cozy city of Helsinki, trying to attend every possible event that I’m invited to (trust me, there’s always something fun going on both within and outside of Hanken), and saying hi to every puppy who is kind enough to look my way. (that pets are allowed to use the public transport here, is one of my favourite things about Helsinki!)  

I’m glad that I’m currently getting to write more about my time at Hanken as a contributor to the Nordic Brilliance Blog, and I’m sure that you’ll find stuff that is relevant to you (no matter which track you’re aiming for!) in those pages.

Please feel free to email me at for anything that you think I’d be able to help you with!



I am Reetuparna Vishwanath, coming from the largest democracy in the world, India.

Reetuparna Vishwanath

Born and brought up in New Delhi, I aspired to study abroad and be able to make an impact. During high school, I was extremely attracted towards Economics as a discipline and hence I ended up doing my bachelors in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi University and here I am now, pursuing my Masters in Economics from Hanken.

Thanks to Hanken’s generous premium scholarship, I can study in Europe and be in contact with the best professors at Hanken. I chose Hanken because of two reasons: one, I was getting a full scholarship (yay!) and two, Hanken had an excellent reputation in Finland. But truth be told, whe

n I came here, I didn’t know very much about Hanken’s legacy and it’s history. I had done my research about Hanken’s professors and its high quality of research, but it was only when I came here that I realized how blessed I am to be a part of this environment.

Hanken’s research output over the years has been one of the best in the world, at par with the Ivy Leagues.  This school gives its students immense support and numerous opportunities to pursue their research interests. The most attractive aspect of studying at Hanken is the personal connection it has with all its students. I particularly like how accessible professors are to the students and how convenient it is to get in touch with them for any help, be it their future goals and research, or their lecture queries.

On top of that, being a business school, Hanken provides its international students with many networking and career opportunities. The Hanken HIT programme helps us come in contact with companies looking for international talent and start our career here in Finland. With ‘Breakfast Seminars’ being organized every Wednesday with international companies, to having networking and career events every week, I think the opportunities at Hanken are galore.

I am also impressed with the lively environment at Hanken, its various committees organizing social and cultural events every other week and making our lives ‘happening’ throughout the year.

I would recommend Hanken to everyone. Those who want to get the best out of their research interests as well as those looking for placement opportunities after college, I think Hanken has it all.

I would be happy to talk to you in case you want to know more! Just drop me an email at