Faculty, student, and alumni profiles



Anders Löflund
Professor in FinanceMain research interest and publications in:     » Asset management and investments     » Corporate financial policy» Executive education lecturer and leadership experience in the EFFAS-accredited CEFA/CIIA-program 


Minna Martikainen-PeltolaDean, Professor in Accounting» Published internationally in the field of financial accounting
» Special interest in business profitability and growth   


Benjamin Maury
Walhroos Professor in FinanceSpecialisation areas in research and teaching:» Corporate governance» Investor activism» Active investment» Value investing  


Pontus Troberg
Professor in Accounting» Distinguished professor in the field of international accounting
» Most well-known specialist in the field in Finland
» Published internationally in both articles and books on international accounting
» Has close connections to the business sector of the field  


Tom Berglund Professor in EconomicsMain research interest and publications in:» Corporate Governance» Regulation and supervision of financial intermediaries» Role of financial analysts  


Matti Kukkonen Professor in Commercial LawMain research interest and publications in:» Taxation of capital gains and dividends» Taxation of small companies and shareholders» Investor taxation» Family company tax problems» Small company law  


Students and alumni

"My studies at Hanken taught me the general rules of the business world and how to review information critically. This has been a big help to me when making strategic decisions. And perhaps stating the obvious - I've found that a Hanken background does give you very good support for an international career.

Last but not least, Hanken was and still is a great place for meeting interesting people and forging long-lasting friendships and meaningful contacts; something we all appreciate on a private level but also an immense help in creating a successful career."Sten von Troil
Hanken alumnus

 "The programme is challenging but very well-organised. It offers a wide choice of interesting courses in the field: from theoretical to very practical ones. If you are very ambitious and enjoy a challenge then it's definitely the programme for you!"Aleksandra Tabunova
Master's student "Applying to Hanken was one of the best decisions of my life. The experience has been amazing so far. Helsinki is a wonderful place to live. It’s such a cosmopolitan city, and there are so many activities for students to engage in. Hanken itself encourages all kinds of social interactions, and there are various events taking place on campus almost every day. The professors are very approachable, and when you attend lectures, you know you’re learning from some of the most accomplished people you’ll ever meet. That in itself is quite an experience. The coursework is demanding and meant to push students to do their best. There are plenty of opportunities available after graduation - from working in top firms to pursuing a PhD.  So, come to Hanken – you won’t regret it."Sasha Munir,
Finance and Accounting Student