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The academic staff involved in the programme has a particularly strong academic background in industrial economics, financial economics, labour economics, and behavioural economics. In addition we regularly invite distinguished academics and industry professionals for teaching assignments.


Rune Stenbacka














Topi Miettinen






Anne Brunila

Professor of Practice













Staffan Ringbom
Senior Lecturer





Students and alumni

"I had a bachelor's degree from the Russian Foreign Trade Academy and dreamt about continuing my education abroad in an international context. Hanken was the perfect choice for me - a school with a renowned academic heritage, a flexible approach to the studying process, and highly competitive international fellow students! I appreciate the flexibility of choosing one's own curriculum at Hanken. I major in economics but my studies allowed me to widen not only my economic perspectives, but also my business and legal perspectives, and to improve my Finnish and Swedish."

Irina Mossakovskaya
Economics student


"My choice of Hanken is partly due to its reputation in corporate studies and a dynamic group of alumni. Furthermore, the study environment and student life at Hanken are quite memorable; so many social events for the student community as well as numerous career fairs and company visits.

I chose the Economics specialisation because it will complement my bachelor's degree and thereby provide me with a broader background. Also, the specialisation is very dynamic in nature; it is a combined specialisation involving the three main universities in the Helsinki metropolitan area and HECER. Upon completion of the program, I expect to be able to use the skills acquired from econometrics, macroeconomics and microeconomics in analysing and solving real-life business-related problems. "

Peter Laplace Ayuk Bisong
Economics Student