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Covid-19 and update on exchange studies in Autumn semester 2020

We assume that you are currently following the situation in the world and in your host country, especially regarding COVID-19. Also, please take a look at the email that you received from Mobility Online 30.6.2020 concerning travel safety. The email contains very important information! In addition to that, we want to send this email regarding COVID-19 and travelling.

Some EU countries have already lifted their travel restrictions and more are expected to do so over the summer. Even though you might be allowed to travel to a country, there can still be other restrictions, such as quarantine measures, in effect. This means that you should keep an eye on the current situation in your host country and the information local authorities are giving.

For more information about your host country and links to local authorities’ websites regarding COVID-19, see the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ website: (available in Finnish or Swedish).

Finland will be lifting internal border controls as of 15.6.2020 for Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Regarding other countries, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs still recommends to avoid unnecessary travel. As of 13 July, the Government is expected to lift internal border control and restrictions for additional countries within the Schengen area. You can find government decisions at the Finnish Government’s website:

When it comes to the EU, you can follow other EU countries’ travel restrictions and other corona related information on this website: It also provides links to the national websites on the coronavirus.

In addition to the websites listed above you can also follow

  • the website and Facebook of the Finnish Embassy in your host country. You can find them on the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ website.
  • the embassy of your host country in Finland

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) is monitoring the covid-19 pandemic in Finland:

Here you can also find information on how you can protect yourself against infection. The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare also follows the information provided by

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. You can reach us by email ( the whole summer, but it might take some time for us to respond.


Apply for exchange studies for Spring semester 2021

The application round for exchange studies for Spring semester 2021 is now open. The application deadline is Monday 15 June 2020. You can find instructions on how to apply and the link to the application here.


Apply for exchange studies within the framework of QTEM Masters Network

The application round for QTEM Masters Network exchange studies in Spring semester 2021 is now open.

Students majoring in Accounting, Economics or Finance can apply no later than June 5, 2020 to become QTEM students and study a minimum of one semester abroad at one of the academic partners of the QTEM Network.

Read more about QTEM Masters Network application requirements and how to reply. If you have questions, please contact      


Hanken has a new Exchange Agreement in Canada

Hanken has signed a new student exchange agreement with Gustavson School of Business University of Victoria. The university is research-oriented and internationally accredited. You can apply for an exchange for Spring semester 2021 no later than 15.06.2020. The online application opens in May. You will find a short introduction to the university below. More information is also given by Johanna Lilius, Head of International Relations (

Gustavson School of Business University of Victoria

University of Victoria is a top-ranked Canadian research-based university. The university has about 21 000 students of which about 1100 are enrolled at the prestigious Gustavson School of Business. Each year, over 180 exchange students from more than 40 are welcomed at the business school. Gustavson School of Business is founded in 1990 and is internationally accredited (EQUIS, AACSB).

Location: Victoria, British Columbia

Level: BSc

Slots: 2 students / semester

Language: English

Courses: : 5 courses (7,5 units) = 30 ECTS

Information on courses:

Autumn semester: September - December
Spring Semester: January – April
Detailed information in the Academic Calendar
Participation in ”Student orientation” before the classes start, is mandatory.

Accommodation: On-campus housing is possible but very limited for exchange students, other alternatives include “homestay” (living with a Canadian host family) or off-campus housing.

More information for incoming exchange students: Incoming student handbook

Please also acquaint yourself with the country, culture and customs!


20.4.2020 Covid-19 and update on exchange studies in Autumn 2020

You have been selected for exchange studies in Autumn semester 2020 and are about to start preparing for the exchange. We have completed all nominations to the partner universities, and you will soon receive information from either us or the partner university regarding the application/registration process, housing, course selection etc. Follow your Hanken e-mail carefully (also spam folder). Some of you have already received information from the host university. If you have not yet received any information, please check what is the application deadline to the host university.

At this moment (20 April) Hanken assumes that the exchange semesters will take place as normal during Autumn semester 2020, but the situation may change depending on how the Covid-19 pandemic develops.

We encourage you to follow the instructions from your host university and the given deadlines. At this moment, however, we advise you not to pay travel fares (flight tickets) or accommodation costs in your host country. If a deadline for a fee related to securing accommodation (e.g. deposit) at the host university is approaching, it is important to check if the deposit can be refunded should it not be possible to travel to your host country.

Many countries, including Finland, have closed their boarders due to the pandemic and therefore it may not be possible to apply for a study visa or residence permit right now. If you need a visa, please follow the instructions on the webpage of your host country’s embassy in Helsinki.

If you are traveling to a European country, please apply for the European Health Insurance card (if applicable).

Remember also to take a travel insurance so you are covered during your exchange semester.

We are continuously following the development of the pandemic and the information we receive from our partner universities. We will let you know as soon as we receive any information from your host university. Please also let us know if you receive some relevant updates regarding the situation from your host university.

Check out the following links to stay updated:

Information and advice on the Coronavirus from the Finnish government and the ministries.

Preparedness of the Coronavirus epidemic at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Currently the Ministry for Foreign Affairs is not recommending travel abroad. You can find news about the situation in different countries here (Swedish/Finnish).

Please also check out the information from the Exchange Preparation Day (2 April) as well as the “How do I prepare” section on Hanken’s Exchange webpage.

Hanken’s information about the Corona virus (continuously updated), with links to the Finnish institute for health and welfare, WHO and other organisations.

If you have any questions, please direct them to


Decision about exchange studies in Autumn semester 2020

Rector has made the decision regarding the exchange places for Autumn semester 2020:

All students who have been selected for exchange studies will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions regarding how to accept the place of study. All students will have to accept the exchange place in Mobility Online ( latest by March 16, 2020. Your decision is binding.

After you have accepted the exchange place:

1. Hanken will nominate you to your host university.

2. You will be informed either by the International Coordinator at Hanken or by your host university regarding how to register at your host university. In other words, Hanken or your host university will contact you first.

3. You will hand in application documents to your host university.

4. It is also important that you check the information for incoming exchange students at your host university's webpage. There you will find instructions concerning application, course choices, accommodation etc. Be aware of the deadlines to make sure that you do not miss your exchange place.

Hanken will organize two workshops to help students prepare for their exchange studies abroad. It is mandatory to participate in the workshops.


  • Monday March 30 at 14:15-17:30 in room 309 


  • Wednesday April 1 at 12:30-15:45 in room 308

Please inform if you do not want your name to be given to other students nominated to the same university/country as you. If you do not inform us about this, we will assume that we have your permission to give your name to other students going to the same host university/country as you.

Please visit How do I prepare? for more information before your exchange semester.


Info sessions on the QTEM Masters Network

Welcome to join us for an infosession on the QTEM programme:

  • Tuesday March 10 at 12-13 in Quantum, with video contact to room 106 in Vasa
  • Wednesday April 8 at 12-13 online, please sign up here to receive the Teams link.
    Hanken's QTEM Dean Minna Martikainen, Hanken's QTEM Coordinator Johanna Lilius and recent QTEM graduate Vytautas Silinskas will be attending.

The QTEM Masters Network is exclusively for outstanding students in accounting, economics and finance. Taking part in the QTEM Masters programme means that you are awarded a QTEM Masters Network Certificate in addition to your MSc degree from Hanken.

At the information sessions we will inform you about the QTEM programme and its added value, the application requirements, the application process etc. You can find more information here:

Bachelor students are also very welcome to the information sessions! Deadline for QTEM applications will be 5 June 2020 for QTEM exchange in spring 2021 (the following application round will be in February 2021 for QTEM exchange autumn semester 2021).



“Business and Innovation in China” Summer Course in Shanghai, 10. – 23. July 2020

Hanken’s master level students have the opportunity to apply for this two-week summer course organized by the Nordic Centre at Fudan University, one of China's top academic institutions. The course is estimated to equal 5 ECTS.

  • Participation fee: RMB 1200 (approx. 156 €)
    All expenses incurred by attending the course (e.g. participation fee, travel expenses, insurance, accommodation and subsistence costs) are paid by the student.
  • A study grant amounting to the sum of 800 € is paid by Hanken to the accepted student/s. This is to help to cover some of the expenses incurred.

Application procedure and deadline:

  • Fill in the application form
  • Attach a CV to your application
  • Submit your application electronically to
    NB! Please submit the application form in Word format (doc/docx file)
  • The application deadline is Monday 9.3.2020 at 24.00. Late applications are not considered

Application pre-requisites:

  • Only non-Chinese students can be nominated
  • Only students with a BSc degree at the application deadline can apply
  • Good grades and a normal study pace are expected
  • Non-Finnish citizens: find out in advance whether you are eligible to apply for a visa to China.

Selection process:

  • The students are ranked firstly according to their GPA and secondly by their study pace. However, in case of any discrepancies, the Manager of International Affairs has the right to decide who will be nominated to the Summer Course.
  • Hanken selects a maximum of three students to nominate for the Summer Course
  • The Nordic Centre at Fudan University makes the final decision about which students to admit to the course, and the students will be notified by the middle of April 2020

More information:



Infosession on exchange studies on master's degree level

An infosession on exchange studies is organised for master's students interested in applying for exchange studies for Autumn semester 2020.

The infosession is held on:

  • Thursday 12 November 12:30-13:15 in room 303

The purpose of the infosession is to:

  • Give information on the Exchange Programme and things to consider when planning the semester abroad.
  • Give practical information on how to apply for exchange studies and where to find more information.




Important to inform us about ”freemover” mobilites abroad 2019

Have you studied/completed an internship abroad as a FREEMOVER in 2019? In other words, if you have organized your exchange by yourself (not via Hanken´s exchange programme) and plan to transfer the credits you completed abroad to your MSc degree from Hanken, we kindly ask you to fill out the following questionnaire (it will take only a couple of minutes) at the latest by 2 January 2020:

Just like all other universities in Finland, Hanken has to submit annual statistics on students' studies and internships abroad to the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The Office of International Affairs and External Relations at Hanken collects the relevant data for this purpose.

As it is very important to report correct data regarding student mobility at Hanken, we also ask students enrolled in any of the Master programs to inform us about their possible freemover exchange studies/internships abroad during 2019.

If you have questions, please contact outgoing.mobility(at) or phone + 358 (0)40 3521 379 (Johanna Liljequist).

Thank you for your help!

The Office of International Affairs and External Relations


Hanken has new Exchange Agreements in the United Kingdom and Canada

Hanken has signed new student exchange agreements with Leeds University Business School in the United Kingdom and Beedie School of Business Simon Fraser University in Canada. Both universities are internationally accredited. You can apply for an exchange semester at these new partner universities for autumn semester 2020 no later than 30.01.2020. The online application opens before Christmas. Below a short introduction to the universities. More information is also given by Johanna Lilius, Head of International Relations (johanna.lilius(at)


Leeds University Business School

University of Leeds is part of the prestigious Russell Group, which consists of outstanding research-intensive universities in the UK. The university has over 33 000 students in total. Leeds University Business School (LUBS) was founded in 1874 and is a part of University of Leeds. LUBS has some 3000 students and is internationally accredited (EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA).

Place: Leeds, approx. 2 hours by train from London and 3 hours from Edinburgh

Level: BSc

Slots: 2 students / semester

Language: English

Courses: 60 credits per semester (30 ETCS)

Information on courses (modules):

Also read ”Things to consider when choosing modules” on the above-mentioned web page.


Autumn semester: September - end of January
Spring Semester: Middle of January – beginning of June

Detailed information in the academic calendar

Participation in ”Orientation Days”, before the classes start, is mandatory.

Accommodation: On-campus housing possible but not guaranteed by University of Leeds. Read more about campus accommodation here:

More information for incoming exchange students: LUBS website:

Generally about studies in UK: (in Swedish)

Please also acquaint yourself with the country, culture and customs!


Beedie School of Business Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University is a research-based university in the region British Columbia, founded in 1965. The university has 30 000 students on three campus locations; Vancouver, Burnaby (main campus) and Surrey. All three campuses are in the Metropolitan Vancouver and located approx. an hour from each other. Beedie School of Business (SFU Beedie) is internationally accredited (EQUIS, AACSB) and has approx. 4000 students in total.

Place: Vancouver, British Columbia

Level: BSc

Slots: 1 student / semester

Language: English

Courses: 15 units per semester (30 ETCS). Read about course choice here:

Course catalogue:

Autumn semester:
end of August – middle of December

Spring semester: beginning of January – end of April

Detailed information on the semesters is found in under academic dates
Participation in Orientation Days”, before the classes start, is mandatory.

Accommodation: On-campus residences possible but not guaranteed by SFU Beedie. Read more about accommodation here:

More information for incoming exchange students: and SFU Exchange Fact Sheet and Beedie Exchange Info.

Information on documents such as visa is found here:

Please also acquaint yourself with the country, culture and customs!


Hanken has new exchange agreements in Prague and Tokyo

Hanken has signed exchange agreements with Waseda University School of Commerce in Tokyo and University of Economics (VSE), Prague. Both universities are esteemed international and research-oriented universities. You can apply for an exchange for spring semester 2020 no later than 17.6.2019. The online application opens in the end of May. Below a short introduction to the universities. More information is also given by Johanna Lilius, Head of International Relations (johanna.lilius(at)


Waseda University School of Commerce (EQUIS)

Waseda is a private research-oriented university with an international profile, founded in 1882. The School of Commerce is founded in 1904 and has 4400 students.

Place: Tokyo

Level: BSc

Slots: 1 student/semester

Language: English

Courses: 24 credits per semester at BSc level (= 30 ECTS). Information on courses:

You can also choose courses in the Japanese language, max 8 credits at the Center for Japanese Language.

Autumn semester: September-February
Spring semester: April-August

More information in the academic calendar in the fact sheet.

Accommodation: Waseda doesn’t offer on-campus accommodation for exchange students. Thus, students can apply for a room via Kyoritsu Maintenance, which is private company recommended by Waseda.

More information: The fact sheet and the Waseda webbsite.

General information on studies in Japan:

Please also acquaint yourself with the country, culture and customs!


Czech Republic

University of Economics, Prague (EQUIS)

University of Economics, Prague (VSE) is a public, internationally focused, research-oriented university founded in 1953. The university has 15000 students.

Place: Prague

Level: BSc

Slots: 1 student/semester

Language: English.

Courses: 30 ECTS per semester. Information on courses:

You can also choose 3-6 ECTS in the Czech language and Czech history

Autumn semester: September-December
Spring semester: February-end of May

Details about the academic calendar in the fact sheet.

Accommodation:  Exchange students can apply for student accommodation, more information here.

More information for incoming exchange students:

Please also acquaint yourself with the country, culture and customs!



Hanken has a new exchange agreement in Japan

Hanken has signed a new student exchange agreement with Rikkyo University College of Business in Japan. Rikkyo University is founded in 1874 by an American Episcopal-Church missionary priest. Now it is one of the oldest and nationally recognized research universities in Japan. The university has approx. 20,000 students in total, 1,600 in College of Business. You can apply for an exchange semester at this new partner university for autumn semester 2019 no later than 31 January 2019. The application opens in Mobility Online just before Christmas.

Rikkyo University College of Business, Japan

Place: Tokyo

Level: BSc. For Bachelor students only

Number of places: 2 students for autumn semester 2019 and 2 students for spring semester 2020

Language: English (English requirements for the Hanken exchange programme)

Courses: 20 credits per semester. More information on courses

The College of Business is a general business & management program offering courses in the areas of accounting & finance, marketing, international business, human resource management, business & society, and cross-cultural management/communication as well as business project courses.

Semesters: Autumn semester September-February and Spring semester March-July. Details on the academic calendar

Accommodation: Student accommodation may be available on campus.

Please note: You need a "Certificate of Finance" of at least 840,000JPY (approx. 6,600 €) for Autumn semester and at least 600,000JPY (approx. 4,700 €) for Spring semester

More information for incoming exchange students and in the Fact Sheet

Please also acquaint yourself with the country, culture and customs.


Hanken has a new exchange cooperation with Università della Svizzera italiana

Intercultural Communications and Economics (ICE) exchange studies at USI Lugano is a new exchange opportunity for Bachelor students applying for exchange studies for spring semester 2019. It is designed to:

  • increase your insights into World Challenges
  • develop leadership skills, and make you aware of the impact of your decisions- economic, societal and environmental
  • integrate cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural study at two universities

Successful studies at USI lead to an ICE-certificate, which is a certificate of completed studies signed by the Rector of USI. Approximately 10 students from USI will be studying at Hanken within the framework of this cooperation during the fall semester. Hanken students going to USI have an excellent opportunity to get to know these students before their exchange studies during spring semester at USI.

Apply to USI Lugano and other Hanken partner universities here. The application deadline for exchange studies spring semester 2019 is June 18, 2018.


The new Erasmus+ programme allows several exchanges

Hanken offers all students the possibility to go on exchange once during their studies. The exchange studies should fit into your degree and not prolong your studies. According to the latest news regarding the new Erasmus+ programme (2014-2020), the Erasmus+ programme allows students to participate in the Erasmus Exchange programme several times. This means if you have already been on Erasmus exchange before your studies at Hanken you can now also apply for Erasmus exchange on Master level through the Hanken Exchange Programme. Due to regulations of the European Union this was not possible before. Please note that the duration of your exchange is one semester only.