QTEM Certificate

The QTEM students receive their QTEM certificate once they have graduated from Hanken with a master's degree and completed all the parts of the QTEM program.

Receiving the QTEM certificate

The requirements for receiving the QTEM certificate according to Track Z after you have applied and been selected for the QTEM Programme are:

  • You have graduated from Hanken with a master’s degree
  • You have been on a QTEM exchange of which at least 22 ECTS have been completed in quantitative or semi-quantitative subjects
  • You have completed a 240 hours internship on master level with analytical tasks
  • You have completed the QTEM Data Challenge courses and global group work project
  • Your completed studies consists of at least 50% ECTS in quantitative or semi-quantitative subjects
  • You have chosen at least one module to show on your QTEM certificate

For detailed descriptions on requirements for delivering of QTEM certificate please read the Student Engagement Document, that has been sent and signed by you as part of the acceptance to the QTEM network.

Information about the annual graduation ceremony is sent to students that are close to graduation the same year.

QTEM Graduation Ceremony

After completion of the QTEM studies, students are invited to participate in a graduation ceremony held at one of the QTEM partner universities. The graduation is held during the weekend but some activities, such as meetings with other QTEM graduates, are arranged also during the week. Hanken QTEM graduates who want to take part in the graduation ceremony are awarded a scholarship to cover for some of the travel and accommodation costs. 

In October 2019 this ceremony was held in Amsterdam. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the 2020 Graduation Ceremony was held virtually. If possible the next graduation ceremony will be organized in Porto in October 2021. 

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