Spark - course evaluation programme at Hanken

On this page, you as a teacher will find information and user instructions for the course evaluation program Spark by Studyo Oy. The page is continuously updated with more information.

​ We started using our course evaluation system Spark in March 2022.​

  • Spark works in Hanken's Moodle environment (not in Sisu). Spark is accessed via the black menu bar on the left of Moodle's entrance page and from the left menu on each course page.

  •  Spark offers an overview of all your course evaluations; upcoming, active and done, and shows you a summary of the results.

  •  As a teacher, you are expected to give a general response to the evaluation results to your students when the evaluation is closed.

  • See Spark instructions below

The Education council has in April 2022 approved the following guidelines for course evaluations in Spark:

1. The questionnaire consists of three standard questions (1-5) and two open questions. In addition, the teacher can add up to 5 own questions to the form before the form opens (the questions must be sent in advance to the Teaching Lab, who adds them to the question bank)

2. The time: The form automatically opens one week before the end of the course and closes 2 weeks after the end of the course (response time 3 weeks). Course end dates are transferred to Moodle from Sisu. Changing the course end date in Moodle affects the date on which the course evaluation opens (without an end date, the course evaluation does not open at all)!
If your course ends significantly earlier or later than the end date of the period and you therefore want to postpone or advance the course evaluation, it is justified to adjust the end date accordingly, but otherwise not. Students and teachers also access the course after the end date, only the course's status changes from ongoing to earlier.

3. Minimum number of answers: At least 5 answers are required for the result to be displayed.

4. Who sees the results: Anyone who is a teacher on the course in Moodle can see the results for all five questions. All students who are registered on the course in Moodle can see the results for the three standard questions. The rector and deans with responsibility for education receive semester-wise reports on the results of the three standard questions for all courses. Head of departments, head of subjects and programme coordinators receive semester-wise reports on the results of the three standard questions for their respective subjects.

5. Extension of the response time: In Spark, the teacher can extend the end time of the course evaluation if necessary.

6. Time for the teacher to publish his response is 10 days from the closing of the evaluation. The response can be started already while the evaluation is in progress and saved as a draft.

7. Time for the students to see the results is 31 days from the closing of the evaluation.

8. Reminders: Spark automatically sends out two reminders/notifications to students; one when the course evaluation opens, and one 7 days before the evaluation closes. In addition, if necessary, the teacher can activate 2 reminders during the time the course evaluation is open

9. Midterm response: the teacher can collect his own midterm response with Spark. The survey can contain a maximum of 10 questions. The midterm response is closed at least one week before the actual course evaluation is opened. Contact Teaching Lab if you want to add your own questions.


Instructions and presentations

In the instructions below, you can see how you can change the settings for your course evaluation, how to see the results and how to write a response to the evaluation.

Spark feedback service - Instructions for teachers (v 3.2)

In March 2022, department-wise information sessions were held where Spark was presented:

A separate page with Spark information for students is available here:

Spark information for students

For questions, you can turn to teachinglab(at)


Feedback management

Hanken collects feedback from both students and alumni to support the continuous development and improvement of our services and operations. On Hanken's page on Feedback Management, you can read more about theese surveys.