Rental of Hankens venues

Hanken rents out its lecture halls, meeting rooms and Assembly Hall to external guests. The rooms can be booked for seminars, conferences, workshops or shareholder meetings.

Hanken has two campuses in Finland, in Helsinki and in Vaasa.

In Helsinki the main building is conveniently located in the city center, which offers an exciting combination of high technology, design and nature.

In Vaasa the building is in the central district, surrounded by business and nature.

Both campuses are within walking distance from the central railwaystation, close to hotels and restaurants. 

Booking requests can be sent via the booking form here.

More information and pricelist can be found via the different campuses below or via

Rental of venue Helsinki
Rental of venue Vaasa 



Hanken Helsinki is situated in the area Töölö within a walking distance from the center Kamppi and the central railway station. 

Catering can be ordered in cooperation with Compass Group.

Assembly Hall Helsinki


In Hanken Helsinki the following rooms can be rented:

The Assembly Hall (306 pers) is suitable for larger conferences and seminars. The hall is rented out in connection with the foyer and cloakroom. 

Lecture rooms (30- 212 pers.) are suitable for lectures, shareholder meetings, work meetings and seminars

Futurum (56 platser): is suitable for lectures and seminars

Teachers lounge (meeting table for 20 pers, plus sofas) are best suitable for different meetings in combination with get together

In addition to these rooms also computer rooms, meeting rooms and small working group rooms for rent. 

More information and pictures can be found here:

Prices can be found here:

Rental of spaces to those that are not part of Hankens organisation is only possible during weekdays and Hankens opening hours. 

Booking requests can be sent via the booking form here

For questions, please contact

Hanken Svenska handelshögskolan
Arkadiankatu 22
00101 Helsinki 


Hankens byggnad i Helsingfors




In Vaasa you can rent lecture rooms, meeting rooms or the assembly hall for for example seminars, conferences, meetings etc. Hanken Vasa is situated within a walking distance from the central railways station and close to the parking areas Torgparkeringen and Ekgårdens parkering.

Catering can be ordered in cooperation with Hankens Café Hermes.

Festsal Vasa


Assembly hall (180 pers.) can be booked either as a seminar hall with chairs on rows, or as a lecture / workshop room with up to 20 tables. 

Lecture rooms (106 pers.) are convenient for lectures, shareholder meetings or seminars. 

In addition smaller meeting or lecture rooms can be rented. 

Rental is in principle only possible on weekdays. 

More information and pictures can be found here :

Booking requests can be sent via the booking form here

For questions and prices, please contact


Hanken Svenska handelshögskolan
Biblioteksgatan 16
65100 Vasa


Hanken i Vasa.