Help for the teacher in Teaching Lab

A set of useful help addresses for the teacher.

Useful help adresses for in teaching:

Help within teaching and learning
Problem Who helpsComment
Book a roomschema@hanken.fiCheck free rooms in Room Reservation under Short Cuts on MyWeb
Moodle problemmoodle-help@hanken.fiTo ask for a new course in Moodle. Support for developing your course
E-exam with Examexam-help@hanken.fiif you need help with the exam system for e-exams in an examinarium
Find your schedule,  or find
room reservations for a course

Rooms reservations under the calendar on the web.

You find all reservations. You can search on a course name or code.

In Schema you can log in and see the bookings on your name.




Your department

IF the work contract is OK in the staff database your user-id should work services like Moodle and the web. 

If there is a contract but no id - the department should apply for one for the teacher.

 help@hanken.fiIf you have other problems with your id, contact the computer center at

Your courses in Oodi

Course evaluations,

Grades in Oodi

Helps you with all study administrative issues related to Oodi and WebOOdi 
Premisesservice@hanken.fiHelp and service: tables, chairs, lamps, white boards etc
How to use Audio VIsual in teaching rooms

List of rooms and equipment

All teaching rooms are equipped with computers, but you can also use your own. 
Video and web conference in teachinghelp@hanken.fiThe computer center will help you with videos, and to connect to conference systems outside Hanken. 
Meeting, seminar on-lineList of possibilitiescontact if you need help
How to make videos?Check IT services web pagesYou will find an overview of available systems
Available tools List of all systemsYou need to be logged in on the web to see all systems.
How can I develop my course in a pedagogically smart way?

Teaching Lab office hours

Teaching lab in Helsinki has Drop-in office hours Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays (see first page)

Edulab in Vasa at Tritonia helps in Vasa.