Video and Web Conferences

Video conferences at Hanken are based on Skype for Business. A meeting can be booked between meeting rooms, but it is also easy to participate using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Skype for Business

Hanken's video conferencing solution is based on Skype for Business since january 2019. The equipment varies a little, but the functions are the same:

  • Book a meeting in advance using the Outlook client or web portal
  • It is easy to participate using a computer / tablet / smartphone
  • Several people from different places can join simultaneously

Rooms with Skype Room Systems, ie. the new videokonferencing solution that works with Office 365 and Skype for Business:

A403a403@hanken.fiPolycom MSR300
A516 (Teacher's lounge)a516@hanken.fiLenovo ThinkSmart 500
D215d215@hanken.fiLenovo ThinkSmart 500
Board Roomsessionssalen@hanken.fiMicrosoft Surface Hub
V105v105@hanken.fiPolycom MSR300
V106v106@hanken.fiLenovo ThinkSmart 500


Other rooms at Hanken do not have Skype Room Systems equipment. In case you need to arrange a meeting in other rooms, please contact IT to borrow a microphone and webcam for meeting use.

How to book a meeting?

In Outlook on the computer / web:

Book a meeting as you normally would using Outlook's calendar, choose the time and date and type in the theme of the meeting in the Subject field. Click on New Skype Meeting (or similar, the text varies depending on client version) and the meeting link will be created.

Invite the people you wish to attend as well as the rooms you want by typing their addresses in the To field.


Book a Skype for Business meeting in Outlook

Send the invite. You will get an automatic reply from each meeting room you invited.

Note! Make sure you also book the physical room through room bookings.

Not all meetings require a meeting room

Note that Office 365 and Skype for Business give you the possibility to book an online meeting in Outlook without booking a physical meeting room. Most portable devices have a good enough camera, speakers and microphone for meetings, and a headset or conference microphone will improve the audio quality further. IT has some conferencing equipment to borrow temporarily.

In case you or the people you invite to the meeting do not have the Skype for Business client installed, the meeting will instead open in the browser through Skype for Business Web App.

Video instructions on how to book and join Skype for Business meetings

Microsoft's Skype for Business help page

Other solutions

Hanken has access to some other solutions for web- and video conferencing

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a tool for different teams to cooperate and share files, discuss, engage in meetings and plan their activities. Teams works well with most Microsoft Office products and Office 365 tools, and is a viable option for video conferencing.

Skype for Business has plans to incorporate Skype for Business into Microsoft Teams in the future.


Adobe Connect

All employees at Hanken have the possibility to create virtual conference rooms with Adobe Connect. You log in with Shibboleth at

You'll need a computer with a webcam and a headset-microphone. In case there are several participants in the same (physical) room, a conference microphone is needed. The Computer Center has 2x ClearChat 150 -conference microphones to lend.

To make the conference room easier to find for later use, please name it "hanken_" when creating it. The same service is used by several other finnish universities and polytechnics.


There are several other systems and programs for virtual meetings, eg. Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, BlueJeans. These are not officially supported by Hanken, but they aren't banned either.