Video and Web Conferences

Video conferences at Hanken are divided into two groups: physical meeting rooms and virtual meeting rooms. The physical meeting rooms at Hanken have equipment from Polycom, and can be used to call other corresponding rooms

Physical meeting rooms

Hanken has several rooms for video conferences. In Helsinki those are A403, D215, the Teachers Room, the Session Hall and Futurum.

In Vasa those are V105, V106 and auditorum V142.

You can call from one Hanken room to another.

You can also call meeting rooms outside of Hanken, but then you'll need information on the other party. Please contact well in advance.

You can share the screen of your laptop with the other party when you link it with a VGA to the system. An adapter will be required if your computer doesn't support a VGA output.

If you want to participate in a meeting with your computerm or if the session has participants from several locations, see "Scopia" below.

Virtual meeting rooms


Hanken has 5 virtual meeting rooms that function with the Polycom-equipment in the physical meeting rooms.

The Scopia rooms can have participants from several locations at the same timem eg. a meeting between A403, V105 and a meeting room in ÅA is possible.

Reserve a room through Please inform of the place & time, and ot the participants.

Adobe Connect

All employees at Hanken have the possibility to create virtual conference rooms with Adobe Connect. You log in with Shibboleth at

You'll need a computer with a webcam and a headset-microphone. In case there are several participants in the same (physical) room, a conference microphone is needed. The Computer Center has 2x ClearChat 150 -conference microphones to lend.

To make the conference room easier to find for later use, please name it "hanken_" when creating it. The same service is used by several other finnish universities and polytechnics.


There are several other systems and programs for virtual meetings, eg. Skype, Lync, Google Hangouts. These are not officially supported by Hanken, but they aren't banned either.