The validity of User ID

To have a valid User ID, degree students at Hanken have to be registered for the semester. The rights of unregistered students to one end at 30.9 (autumn term) and 31.1 (spring term), if they haven't registered for the semester.

Students of independent studies (JOO, the Open University, and others) have the right to a User ID at Hanken as long as their right to study is valid).

User IDs of graduates end 7 days after the graduation and the ones of discontinuing students will be terminated immediately.

The staff have the rights to user rights during their employment and those end 7 days after their employment ends. For part-time teachers, people who recieve remunerations, post doc researchers and scholars are granted user rights, on basis of the unit manager's request, for one year at a time at most.

A notification will be sent to your registered Hanken email that your user rights will end. The notification will be sent once a week for three weeks, 4 weeks before termination, and a notification will be sent every day of the last week.