Using your User ID

Basic information about your username and what you can use it for

When you sign the user agreement you are obliged to follow Hanken's IT rules and data security regulations

  • You may use your user ID for studies, work or research at Hanken!
  • You may not use it for commercial use (eg own company) or criminal use (eg chain letters!)!
  • Never store your password and user ID in the same place!
  • Never use the same password, ie your Hanken password, on other external IT services.
  • You are personally responsible that your user ID and password doesn't fall into the wrong hands!

Services you have access to

Some of the services you have access to with your user ID are listed here. Please note that your ID may be in long or short form in different services:

You can

Under Software and Instructions, you will find some information about programs and systems you need at Hanken.

The computers page lists programs installed on Hanken computers, as well as information about the programs you can install on your home computer.

Different forms of your user ID

  • youruserid- short version (eg s151342 or ojamkeas) is used in most of the services on Hanken, the web, computer login, WebOodi, Moodle, e-mail, Office365 etc
  • - used for your student office365 email
  • - used for Eduroam-wlan, which works at many universities around the world.
  • Personnel and doctoral students also use to log in to Office365 (e-mail, etc.).

A Hanken Computer

  • Note that you must always log in to use the university's computers!
  • If you do not change your first password or if it's too old, you'll be asked to change the password before you can proceed.
  • The first time you log in to a particular Hanken computer, it may take a while to load in.
  • Personnel are be able to access all their networks from a student computer in the computer halls and the teachers' computers in the teaching halls.

Disk space on Hanken server

You have a home directory of your own (H:\), which can be accessed from all Hanken's computers (except from the WiFi and your own computer). You can access your Onedrive for Business under office365 from anywhere.

You can also see some other network discs such as:

  • Opentemp for temporary files you want to share (files are destroyed periodically from there and open to everyone)
  • APPS
  • For personnel: Group Directory G: for your group (FLO / Economy / ...) where you can share files with everyone in your group.
  • For personnel: SAM a common disc to share files between units for longer periods.
  • If you have a Hanken-laptop, you may need to map the network discs to see them.

Your own web disk space (H:)

You have the following space for your own files on Hanken web:

  • Personnel: 5 Gb
  • Students: 1 Gb


What you save on Hanken's network on your home directory H: (or the personnel's group directory) is backed up every night. You should make sure that your files stored on other network disks are backed up. OneDrive and office365 files are available for aproximately 30 days, in the old version, but are not backed up.

Large files

You can compress large files with the ZIP program, which is installed on the lab computers.

You can send large files via the Funetservice Filesender

Remeber to clean your mailbox directory regularly to avoid them becoming full.