Rights to a User ID

The right to a User ID

The rights to User IDs to Hanken's IT-services are held by:

  • All degree students who have signed up for the semester
  • Independent students, whose right to study is intact
  • employees
  • MBA students
  • associates like certain guest researchers, scholars, post doc reasearchers without financiation, researchers at the Academy of Finland, employees from external projects, teachers and active associate professors

In some cases IDs can be granted to other individuals, who in some way are associated with Hanken.

All IDs and password are granted at InfoBITen in Helsinki or at the Computer Center in Vasa. Be prepared to prove your identity when signing the User Agreement.

The table below describes how each group of users are classified by the HAKA Federation.

External service providers can base the rights to their services on basis of these roles (student, member, employee,...).

Student + Member
 All students who've enrolled for the semester (all degree students: bachelor's, [?], etc.) and JOO-students
Employee + MemberA person who has an employment relationship with Hanken and lifts a monthly salary. (data is found in Personec)
MemberA person who does not get any salary from Hanken, but is counted as personel internally, eg.:
- civilian servicemen[?]
- employees of other universities through projects
- scholars
- researchers of the Academy of Finland
- post doc researchers (not employed)

Guest researchers
Active associate professors

AffiliateStudents registered as absent
Students at the Open University
Others enrolled for independent studies
Other educational programmes