User IDs

How to Get a Student User ID

Student User IDs are automatically created for the students by using information from the student register (= you do not apply for it). Your ID works only if your study rights are valid and you as a Degree student are registered for the semester.

The ID can be obtained during the "introduction days". Students who haven't participated in these can afterwards obtain their User IDs from InfoBITen in Helsinki or from the Computer Central in Vaasa.

The User ID can have been de-activated and deleted, if the student in question has been discharged a long time, and of course when you graduate.

How to Get a Staff or Faculty User ID

The departments applies for User IDs for its employees and associated researchers (=you do not apply for an id!). The department head confirms your role at the department and that the costs can be charged at the department (printing, computer etc).

The HAKA Federation and Shibboleth

As a member of the HAKA Federation, Hanken must have a public document descibing user managment and how information in the user database is updated.

To access it, press Here or download the .pdf