General guidelines on email

Your Hanken email

All students and staff at Hanken get an email account.

Your Hanken email account is the primary communication channel at Hanken. Information about expiring accounts, expiring passwords, phishing attempts, service breaks etc. will be sent to your Hanken email.

For Students:

Your email address is


Your email address is

Brief rules


  • Use different passwords in the university services and in external services.
  • Please keep your university email and private email on separate domains.
  • Remember that the privacy of correspondence also applies to email.
  • Don't distribute spam.
  • If you recieve an email intended for somebody else, forward the message to the correct recipient, and inform the sender of the mistake.


  • Use the university email for study-related purposes
  • You can forbid the University from publishing your email address.
  • All messages sent and recieved in the role as a student are private.
  • If you have an employment contract with the University, you are also bound by the staff members' rules.
    • Moreover, keep your work- and study-related email clearly separated.

Staff members

  • Always use the university email address for work-related correspondence.
  • Keep your private- and work-messages separated, both the recieved and sent mails.
  • Comply with the archive creation plan.
  • Make sure your email is monitored during your absence.
  • If you use an out-of-office message, instruct recipients to use the organisation address.
  • If you are about to leave the University's employ, transfer all the email messages that are relevant for the organisation to the responsible users before your user rights expire.
  • Only use email encryption methods approved by the University.
  • Send confirmations to e-service messages without any delay


Information Security