Hanken Green Office

Hanken School of Economics aims to reduce its environmental impact in all its operations.

WWF's Green Office is an environmental service for offices. With its help, workplaces are able to reduce their burden on the environment, achieve savings and slow down climate change. Offices that fulfill the required criteria are granted rights to the Green Office logo by WWF. 

As a measure in the Hanken environmental plan Hanken School of Economics signed a contract with WWF in the autumn of 2009 and begun the process of becoming a Green Office. Hanken received the designation and the right to use the Green Office logo on October 29 2010. 

Hanken's goals are: 


  • The purchased electricity consumption should be reduced to the same level as 2015 by the year2020
  • Response rate for WWF Consumer Welfare Index 45%, target for results 75% average among respondents (as of 2016 results)
  • To reduce paper consumption by 10% by 2020 (as of 2016)


  • Keep electricity consumption at least as low as 2016 (until 2019)
  • Keep the amount of paper waste at least as low as 2016 (until 2019)
  • Reduce the amount of combustible waste by 2% (until 2019)

You can read more about the criteria at the WWF webpage: 

For additional information, please contact our Green Office at hankengreen@hanken.fi

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