Document templates and reference guides

Here you can find Hanken's document templates and information about reference and formatting guides.

Reference guides

See Libguide Search and Cite for information about referencing


Formatting guide

Hanken will drop the use of the document templates in favor of a formatting guide.

The guide will give you the freedom to use whatever word programs you want without the technical difficulties and inflexibilities of the document templates. The formatting guide will have instructions over how to put your dissertations and other academic assignments in Hanken standard format. The guide will also help you to use specific functions of word programs.


Document templates

Before starting you should make sure that you have Word 2016 installed on your computer. As a Hanken student you can download the program for free. Follow the instructions for downloading the program from Office 365.




Templates for Windows 10 and MAC (Word 2016)

Please observe that the template is the same for Windows and Mac but the instructions are different!

Term papers




Templates other versions of Word and Windows

Term papers