What to register?

Learn more about what to report in Haris.

Here we describe what you should register in Haris - publications, activities and projects - and what you would tell about yourself in your profile information.


Always register all your publications. The Ministry's publication types are used and the library makes the ultimate choice of the publication type.

Read more about the publication data reporting in the Ministry's instructions:

Publication data collection instructions for researchers 2018

Hanken's reporting to the accreditation organisations, the internal allocation of funding and the reward system for scientific publications build upon the Ministry's rules and regulations for publication reporting.

Recently employed researchers should register all their publications published during the last five years. It is possible to import publications from other research databases or reference managing systems into Haris. Please contact haris@hanken.fi for more information.

It is also possible to parallel publish articles via Haris.


We recommend that you register all the activities that you want to use in the CV-tool. In the rector's decision about the internal allocation of funding you can read how the activities are graded (link). If you don't want an activity to be shown in the public portal, you can mark it as Restricted to Haris in the registration template.


Projects with external funding should always be registered in Haris. To what extent you should register other projects depends on the practice of your subject. If you don't want a project to be shown in the public portal, you can mark it as Restricted to Haris in the registration template.

For externally funded projects, you should always register the following information:

  • Title of the project
  • Description of the project
  • Project period (start and end dates)
  • Funding organisation (financing source)
  • Project leader

Profile information

The profile information and the metadata in Haris are used on your personal home page and can be used in CVs made in Haris. Basic information about you and your affiliation with Hanken is pulled from the HR database every night and cannot be edited in Haris. If you find errors in your information, you should report them to personalarenden@hanken.fi

In order to enrich the information on your personal homepage you should upload a profile picture, choose research areas and shortly describe your curriculum. By highlighting some of your publications, activities and project, you also choose those to show up on your home page.