Open Access Publishing at Hanken

Hanken promotes open research and recommends self-archiving of scholarly articles (green open access).

Hanken promotes open research

To promote open research Hanken endeavours to ensure that 80% of its annually reported scientific articles are published as green open access by self-archiving to  the research databse Haris.
Seefile type iconGuidelines for Open Research at Hanken.

Hanken's publication series are published open access and they are found in the institutional repository DHanken. Other publications are reported in the research dabase Haris, and self-archived and permanently preserved in DHanken.

Instructions for self-archiving

The library's information about open access is available in Hanken's libguide on open access. You will also find instructions on how to self-archive at Hanken.

The folderfile type iconQuick guide to Open Access presents open access in a nutshell.

You can get a discount on publishing fees (APC:s) to publish hybrid open access in journals published by Elsevier, Emerald and Sage. More information about discounts on APCs

The NopSA project

NopSA - the fastest way to open access - was a project to push Hanken to be a leading open access institution (2015-2016). The project was a part of the national initiative ATT - Avoin tiede ja tutkimus (Open Science and Research)
See publications and activities in the NopSA project.