NopSA - the Fastest Way to Open Access

As a researcher, all you have to do is upload the final, submitted version as accepted for publication. The library will take it from there.

Maximize the impact of your research through Open Access

keep-calm-and-open-access-11.pngMaking your research openly available on the web will facilitate broad readership and will likely lead to more citations to your articles. Furthermore, archiving your research with Hanken will also guarantee its future availability and prominent visibility in Google Scholar and other parts of the web.




Self-archiving is easy — here’s how in two easy steps:

  1. When you submit a manuscript to a journal, keep a copy of the final, submitted version.
  2. When you report a new accepted publication in HARIS, also upload the final, submitted version to HARIS.

Your job is done! 

What about copyright?

An uploaded manuscript in Haris is not automatically available online and you do not break any copyright agreements by uploading a manuscript to Haris.

Once the manuscript is uploaded, the library staff will check the copyright restrictions of the journal in question. The manuscript is then made available online according to the conditions stated. In most cases where the publishers own PDF version cannot be made available as open access, journals still allow making a copy of the final, submitted manuscript available as open access, in some cases after an embargo period.

For more information about the project behind this push to make Hanken a leading open access institution, see the NopSA – Nopea Siirtyminen Avoimuuteen project page.