Borrow Books from The National Repository Library

Request material free of charge from the National Repository Library

For students and faculty at Hanken

You can order and borrow a book from the National Repository Library through the Universal Borrowing service. Only available books can be requested this way. The Repository Library sets the lending rules.

How Universal Borrowing requests are done:

  • Search for the book in Hanna
  • If it's not in Hanna choose the tab "National Repository Library"
  • Click on the title you want
  • Log in with your patron information
  • Click the "Request a book" button down to the right
  • Fill in the date when you latest want the book
  • Click the "Place Request" button
  • The request is ready

Delivery time is 2-4 days. You will get an email message when the book is available for pick-up at the service desk.

The lending period is set by the National Repository Library, usually 5 weeks. You renew your loan in Hanna by logging in and choose the tab "Renew my loans". Your Universal Borrowing loans cannot be renewed by the staff at Hanken's Library.