The Foundation’s highest governing body is the Supervisory Council, which is composed of 40 individuals with links to Hanken.

The Supervisory Council, which meets at least once annually, chooses the members appointed to the Hanken Support Foundation Board (to replace those who are due to step down), adopts the financial statements, appoints the auditors and members of the electoral committee (whose task is to prepare the election of both the Supervisory Council and the Board). The minutes of the Supervisory Council’s meetings are published on Hanken’s website.

Hanken Support Foundation Supervisory CouncilHanken Support Foundation BoardThe Hanken Support Foundation Board is responsible for the activities of the Foundation with the support of an ombudsman. The Board consists of six external members (most often Hanken alumni), Hanken’s Rector and three Hanken representatives designated by the Rector. The Board meets six times per year on average. Hanken’s personnel are informed of key decisions after the Board’s meetings.Board members:Christina Dahlblom, ordförande
Kim Karhu, viceordförande
Maria Didrichsen
Sören Kock, Hanken
Timo Korkeamäki, Hanken
Minna Martikainen, Hanken
Peter Immonen
Heidi Schauman
Alexandra Therman-Londen
Karen Spens, rektor, Hanken


Paul TaimitarhaInvestment CommitteeThe Foundation’s assets are managed by an Investment Committee, that gives investment advice to the Board. The Investment Committee meets at least six times a year, sometimes more often, depending upon the situation in the financial markets.Members:Janne Larma, chairman
Alexander Ehrnrooth
Peter Immonen
Anders LöflundElectoral Committee Ilkka Brotherus, Chairman
Carl Ahlström
Carl Haglund
Satu Huber
Kristina Pentti-von Walzel