Distribution of funds

All funds in the Foundation are managed centrally. From the dividend, 37.5% belongs to each of the funds, from which teachers and researchers at Hanken can apply for grants (open for applications twice annually). The remainder, i.e. 62.5%, is allocated by the Foundation’s Board. Matters are prepared by the Ombudsman with the assistance of Hanken staff and ultimately the Rector.

Information concerning the different funds is available on the Hanken website: http://www.hanken.fi/en/research/research-funding/funds-hanken. When necessary, the School’s scholarship liaison provides additional information about the application, for instance their design, etc.

The Foundation’s mission is to support Hanken and to contribute to the funding of strategic initiatives. Therefore, it is possible to make individual applications only for the announced grants from the fund. In the event a project within the School is regarded as particularity significant, the project must first be discussed with the Rector.