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Congratulations to Minchul Sohn who defended his thesis "Humanitarian logistics preparedness for recurring small-scale disasters based on seasonal climate information" on Friday June 29 2019 at Hanken!


Seminar "Building European Communities’ Resilience and Social Capital"

on May 7 from 13:00 to 14:00

at Hanken School of Economics

The seminar consists of a presentation of forthcoming EU project, which will be launched in May 2019. The project is entitled «Builders» (Building European Communities’ Resilience and Social Capital). 

By focusing on protection needs of the most vulnerable individuals, groups and communities , the project will improve the overall resilience of socially disadvantages people against natural and/or man-made hazard, and thereby strengthen the entire society.  The project will study methods, tools, technologies and procedures  applied by people especially susceptible to natural and/or man made hazards  and/or institutions responsible for their protection in order to detect their weaknesses and strengths in mitigating risk exposures  and how they prepare for, react to , overcome and  learn from managing past disasters.
Based on this knowledge , the project will devise and mark pathways from the root-level resilience building in different settings to high-level policy strategies with different application levels designated for resilience building, disaster prevention and a broad enhancement of social capita.

For more information and registration, please send an email to humlog@hanken.fi.

About the speakers:

johanna_ludvigsen.jpgDr Johanna Ludvigsen, Chief Research Economist at the Institute of Transport Economics has qualifications of full university professor and over twenty years of experience from conceptual, empirical, and cross-disciplinary research on international management, impacts of European policies on industry and business behaviors and societal safety and security. Since 1997 Dr Ludvigsen has been serving European Commission as both the evaluator of scientific proposals seeking funding from the five FPs and as researcher and/or coordinator of scientific consortia performing studies funded by the EC. Main areas of her work encompass liberalization of European markets, optimization of freight supply networks, development of environmentally sound strategies for goods conveyance, global competitiveness of European industries, impacts of climate change and extreme weather on business performance and design of social policies. Dr Ludvigsen has coordinated three large international research consortia with scientific and industrial partners from Europe and the US (PPPs). She supervised doctoral students working on optimization of pan-European rail freight corridors. Her work was published in renowned scientific journals and business newsletters. Thanks to her expertise, she developed fruitful collaboration with European manufacturing and service provision industries. She is a popular speaker at industry conferences and professional gatherings. In 2002 she received the honorary scholarship “Researcher of the Year” awarded by the Board of Institute of Transport Economics.  Her status as leading expert on European transportation industry is confirmed by multiple assignments as visiting scholar at US Penn-State University and as provider of scientific consultancy services to several directorates within the European Commission.
ronny_klaeboe.jpgDr Ronny Klæboe is a national expert on socio-environmental impacts of extreme weather on transport infrastructure, management of rescue operations and resilience-enhancing policies. He managed several multidisciplinary, multi-cultural consortia working on innovation projects co-funded by the EC Framework programs, the Norwegian Research Council, Eureka and Nordic governments. Skilled in both natural and social sciences, he is capable to apply cross-disciplinary perspectives and research methods. Dr Klæboe contributed to ISO, the Nordic and national environmental impact standards, served as a member of advisory board supporting the Assessments of Environmental Impact of Brenner Basel connection. He analyzed and monitored the EC-wide changes in legislative and organizational frameworks of the European Transport and Environmental Protection Policies. He served as a lay judge and as expert witness to the Norwegian High Court. He contributed to Parliamentary White Paper on Environmental Zoning and acted as temporary advisor to the WHO, and co-authored several environmental multiple articles, handbooks and Encyclopedia of Environmental Health. Dr Klæboe served as associate editor of scientific journals and has extensive experience in assessing scientific quality of multi-disciplinary research. He was a former chair of International Commission on Biological Effects of Noise (ICBEN) Team & European Conference of Transport Research Institutes work group on environmental impacts. He has competence equal to full university professor.


HUMLOG Best theses Award 2019: the results are out! Congratulations to all on the good work! All the information here.

The HUMLOG Institute rewards each year one Master’s and every second year one Doctoral student who have been writing the best theses in Humanitarian Logistics. The topic of the thesis has to relate to humanitarian logistics and supply chain management.


Congratulation to Sabari Ragavendran Prasanna Venkatesan who defended his thesis on "The Relationship between Organisational Culture and Humanitarian Supply Chain Collaboration in Long-Term Aid" on December 14 2018 at Hanken!


Hanken School of Economics and Aalto University Business School are organising EurOMA 2019! The conference will take place from June 17 to June 19. The theme this year is "Operations adding value to Society". More info at www.euroma2019.org. Welcome to Helsinki!


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