Our Fellows

Check here who has been visiting us! Are you the next one?

Amin Maghsoudi is visiting the HUMLOG Institute from August 6 to September 17, 2018. Welcome!

picture.jpgAmin is a postdoctoral research fellow at University of Tehran. He has received his PhD in 2015 on Operations and Supply Chain Management with a major focus on humanitarian logistics and disaster relief supply chain at Universiti Sains Malaysia. Since then, he collaborated with humanitarian organizations in Southeast Asia as well as in Middle east to pursue his research.  He has been invited as a guest lecturer for the course titled “management of logistics of aid in disasters” to be taught to the PhD candidates in school of public health at Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 2016-17. Some of their recent works are published at recognized peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Supply Chain Management: An International Journal. His research and teaching interests are: coordination of logistics efforts in disasters, Cash-based relief, Blockchain and social media role on humanitarian logistics.
He can be contacted at maghsoudi.amin@gmail.com
Read Amin's blog post on Affordable technologies and humanitarian aid here.


The HUMLOG Institute is happy to welcome its first Fellow: Diego Vega.

photo_diego_vega.jpgDiego is the Head of the Information Systems, Supply Chain Management and Decision-Making department at Neoma Business School (France) and Researcher at the CRET-LOG research center (Aix-Marseille University). He is an Industrial Engineer and holds a PhD in management sciences: specialty on logistics from the Aix-Marseille University. His research interests include humanitarian logistics and supply chain management, temporary organizations and competence-based strategic management.
Diego will be with us for two weeks, from 14 to 25 of August, 2017. During that time he will, among other things, present some of his current works in a seminar “Logistics Services in humanitarian relief: A research agenda”.
Diego Vega can be contacted at: diego.vega@neoma-bs.fr