Past activities


  • Sep 9-11, 2009: Humanitarian aid logistics track at Logistics Research Network Conference, Cardiff/UK 
  • Jun 10-12, 2009: Humanitarian logistics track at NOFOMA, Jönköping/Sweden 
  • Mar 25-26, 2009 2nd CCHLI symposium, Faringdon/UK 
  • Dec 4/5, 2008 Military Logistics Symposium, Stockholm/Sweden (proceedings can be obtained from Per Skoglund
  • Oct 15, 2008 HUMANITARIAN LOGISTICS AND THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT workshop "Carbon footprints of humanitarian logistics?" in combination with Transportbrukerkonferansen, Oslo/Norway 
  • Jun 5-6, 2008 Humanitarian logistics tracks at NOFOMA, Helsinki/Finland - the proceedings is obtainable from the Finnish Association of Logistics 
  • Nov 19/20, 2007 International Humanitarian Logistic Symposium in Faringdon/UK (proceedings can be obtained from Peter Tatham directly) 
  • Oct 10/11, 2007 HUMLOG track "How the most important logistics became the best" at the "Transport og Logistikk 2007" conference in Oslo/Norway 
  • Sep 5-7, 2007 Humanitarian / emergency response logistics track at LRN 2007, Hull/UK 
  • Aug 22/23, 2007 HUMLOG International Conference in Ghana in Kumasi/Ghana. Theme: The Challenges of Humanitarian Logistics in Ghana 
  • Jun 2007 Two humanitarian logistics tracks at NOFOMA 2007, Reykjavík/Iceland

Research workshops 

  • Mar 6-7, 2008 MILLOG research meeting at the Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College, Oslo/Norway 
  • Sep 12-13, 2007 MILLOG Logistics network meeting at the National Defence University of Finland, Helsinki/Finland 
  • Mar 21-23, 2007 MILLOG meeting, Stockholm/Sweden 


MSc courses:

Present Masters level courses can be found in WebOodi, in the Study handbook of the subject Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility. 

  • Apr 11-20, 2010: Nordic course in humanitarian logistics, HUMLOG Institute, Helsinki/Finland 
  • Apr 20-29, 2009 joint MSc course Nordic course in humanitarian logistics in Jönköping/Sweden 
  • Sep-Oct 2007 MSc course on Logistics Management (with module on humanitarian logistics) at Hanken, Helsinki/Finland 
  • Sep 2007 MSc course on Geographic Information Systems at Hanken, Helsinki/Finland 
  • Apr-Jul 2007 MSc module at Cranfield University, Swindon campus/UK 
  • 2006/07 a series of guest lectures in different courses at Hanken 

PhD courses:

  • Spring 2013 Supply Chain Risk Management, Hanken, Helsinki/Finland
  • Jun 2012 Theories and Research in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Turku/Finland (KATAJA course)
  • Fall 2011 Supply Chain Risk Management, Hanken, Helsinki/Finland
  • Apr 2011 Corporate Responsibility, Hanken, Helsinki/Finland
  • Oct 2010 Supply Chain Environmental Management, Hanken, Helsinki/Finland
  • Jul 2010 Supply Chain Management in Development Aid, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg/Canada
  • Aug 21-30, 2009 joint PhD course Supply Chain Managemend in Disaster Relief, Helsinki/Finland (EIASM/KATAJA course)
  • Sep-Nov 2008: joint PhD course in military logistics (modules in Oslo, Helsinki, Jönköping)
  • Fall term 2007, Relief Supply Chain Management, Hanken, Helsinki/Finland
  • Sep-Oct 2007 PhD course on Geographic Information Systems in Humanitarian Logistics at Hanken, Helsinki/Finland

There is also a Reading Club as well as research seminars for doctoral students at the HUMLOG Institute.

Co-ordination meetings

  • Jun 2009 combined with NOFOMA, Jönköping/Sweden 
  • Mar 2009 combined with CCHLI, Faringdon/UK 
  • Oct 2008 combined with Transportbrukerkonferansen, Oslo/Norway 
  • Jun 2008 hosted by Hanken, Helsinki/Finland 
  • Dec 2007 hosted by Hanken, Helsinki/Finland 
  • Nov 2007 combined with the CCHLI conference, Faringdon/UK 
  • Sep 2007 hosted by JIBS, Jönköping/Sweden 
  • Jun 2007 combined with the NOFOMA conference, Reykjavík/Iceland 
  • May 2007 hosted by BI, Oslo/Norway 
  • Mar 2007 hosted by IFRC, Geneva/Switzerland 
  • Dec 2006 hosted by Hanken, Helsinki/Finland


  • Jul 2007 "The Humanitarian Supply Chain - challenge or role model?" at HUBS, Hull/UK