Customers and Relations

This theme includes research on all kinds of customers' experiences of and responses to brands, product and service offerings, marketing communication, marketing activities as well as other conditions in the markets.


Responsible faculty member:

Researchers focusing on the area:

Prof. Tore Strandvik
Assoc. Prof. Pia Polsa
Assoc. Prof. Annika Ravald
Asst. Prof. Johanna Gummerus
Asst. Prof. Christian Kowalkowski
Post-doc. Karl-Jacob Mickelsson


Specific topics

  • Customer experiences in B2C and B2B
  • Customer value formation
  • Service/product quality, customer satisfaction
  • Customer involvement and engagement
  • Customer activities and practices
  • Customer network relationships
  • Relationship marketing, customer
  • Value selling, solutions selling
  • Service interface, service encounters, servicescapes
  • Customers' social media use
  • Brand relationships and image

Focus industries studied in the area

  • Financial services and banking industry
  • Tourism and hospitality industry

Recent publications

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