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05/10 2017 - Researchers' comments on state-owner governance memo on Finnfund (In Finnish)


31/07 2017 - Hanken receives funding for SUSMINO consortia from Ekon. dr Peter Wallenbergs Stiftelse för Ekonomi och Teknik

Hanken has been granted 300 000 SEK by Ekon. dr Peter Wallenbergs Stiftelse för Ekonomi och Teknik for the project 'Sustainability challenges of mining in the Nordic countries: the business, politics and society (SUSMINO)'' . 

The project is a cooperation between Centre for Corporate Responsibility (CCR) at Hanken, Finland; Centre for Sami Studies at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway and the Department of Urban and Rural Development, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

About the project: Sweden and Finland are currently experiencing a renewed mining boom in their northern territories. Many local communities in these areas are economically and culturally dependent on reindeer herding and other land-based livelihoods. While mining operations may boost rural economies, they may also have an adverse impact on the environment and regional livelihoods. This creates a risk of social and political conflicts, which can question the sustainability of mining, affect the companies’ performance and reputation negatively, and produce cross-border political instability. There have been various research projects on the complex social, cultural and political drivers, contexts and impacts of mining in the Nordic countries. By organizing three research workshops in 2018-19, the SUSMINO project seeks to build a synthesis on the research findings of previous projects to identify the key sustainability challenges and ways to tackle them in Nordic mining. The project promotes networking between Nordic scholars in social sciences, humanities and business studies as well as with business practitioners and stakeholders. One of the workshops is dedicated for connecting Nordic junior researchers with broader international research networks and key stakeholders of Nordic mining, facilitating interdisciplinary and cross-border collaboration in doctoral supervision, and identifying further research opportunities especially for junior researchers.

For more information contact consortia leader Dr. Ville-Pekka Sorsa at


08/02 2017 - PRME Statement in Defense of Universal Values and Principles as Preconditions for Responsible Management Education

Hanken is one of 29 higher education institutions worldwide in the PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) Champions and stands behind the statement in defense of universal values and principles made by PRME on 8 February 2017.

From Andrew Main Wilson - Chair, PRME Steering Committee

and Jonas Haertle - Head, PRME

Dear Colleagues,

The mission of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative is to transform management education, research and thought leadership globally by providing the Principles for Responsible Management Education framework, developing learning communities and contributing to the achievement of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. The PRME initiative comprises over 600 business schools and management-related academic institutions in over 85 countries worldwide.

Our global community has thrived on the commitment and the ideas brought by people from around the world. We contribute to global knowledge through the free movement of students, teachers and researchers. Furthermore, as a UN-backed initiative, we are speaking up to defend universal values and principles of the United Nations, namely equality, non-discrimination, freedom, and diversity. We are convinced that these values and principles are one of our greatest strengths. Therefore, we are deeply concerned about growing protectionism, nationalism and populism on the global stage. Any form of discrimination related to religion, ethnicity or nationality is against the fundamental principles and values on which our societies as well as educational and research activities are based. Scientific progress depends fundamentally on an open exchange of ideas, scholars and students. To meet global challenges like climate change that are threatening our lives and those of future generations, we must depend on a science-based system of evidence. In combination, these developments have significant negative impacts on our economies and societies, on cooperation and peace in the world.

We considered the implications for the 2017 Global Forum for Responsible Management Education – 7th PRME Assembly and PRME’s 10th Anniversary scheduled to take place in New York City, USA, this July. We have deep concern for those potentially restricted from attending our conference and the implications for our shared values. Like other academic organisations we deliberated on a potential cancelation. After intensive consultations we decided to continue planning the event in NYC for the following reasons:

We want to signal our support for the values and principles of equality, non-discrimination, freedom and diversity.

We want to make use of the opportunity to address the issues in a meeting with the United Nations’ High-Level Political Forum (HLPF).

We will adapt our agenda to provide space for discussing the reasons for our concerns in a constructive manner.

We will make every effort to connect with those restricted from attending via technology.

Future annual PRME conferences will be organised in locations providing equal access to all participants.

PRME signatories are reminded that they are welcome to attend regional PRME Chapter meetings in other locations as well, a full overview of meetings can be found on the PRME website.

We are heartened by the leadership shown by academic institutions, corporations and graduates of business and management schools, particularly in support of refugees. Refugees fleeing conflict and persecution are finding more and more borders closed and increasingly restricted access to the protection they need and are entitled to receive, per international refugee law.

We remain committed to our mission to prepare a new generation of globally responsible leaders and to preserve the freedom of research, teaching and learning in an international community. It is part of our responsibility to critically address any threats to these fundamental values and principles.

We call for more business and management-related higher education institutions around the world to join us and stand up for the principles and values we all share.

With warm regards,

Andrew Main Wilson - Chair, PRME Steering Committee

Jonas Haertle - Head, PRME

This statement is issued on behalf of the PRME Steering Committee and PRME Secretariat. For questions, please email


02/12/2016 from 14:00 to17:00 - Researchers Meeting

CCR wishes to invite all interested faculty members and doctoral students  at the University of Helsinki and Hanken School of Economics for a  get-together to plan the activities of the Centre. 

The meeting is on Friday December 2nd from 14:00-17:00 at Minerva-tori  (Siltavuorenpenger 5 A). Please sign-up in advance and fill in a short  survey on research interests and on-going projects on topics relevant  to the centre on the link below by 23.11.2016:

During the event we will introduce CCR and its objectives, and make  future plans for the centre. We would also like to use this event to  map out and discuss existing research interests, funding needs and  ideas, and possible synergies between researchers who have an interest  in topics broadly linked to CCR's activities to ensure that CCR will  serve the need and interests of all researchers linked to the centre.

We would be happy to answer any question you might have, please  direct your queries to

On behalf of CCR, Nikodemus Solitander, Director, CCR


07/10/2016 from 15 to 16:30 - CCR Converses (vol.1): Jeroen Merk

CCR takes a head-start (we will arrange a more formal CCR researcher get-together towards the end of October at the University of Helsinki, more info soon) with organizing researcher conversations this Friday as we are visited Dr. Jeroen Merk, who is research associate at the International Institute of Social Science (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Prior to this Jeroen has had a very long career as a researcher and policy coordinator for Clean Clothes Campaign, particularly working around working conditions in the readymade garment industry in Southeast Asia. Jeroen has also, among other things, co-authored an article with Frank den Hond*

Jeroen who is also interested in the intersection between activism and academia will first present his current research project but also have discussions and idea exchanges with Finnish researchers in the environs of CCR. The invitation is as always open to anyone with an interest!

Place/Time; Friday 7.10, 15.00-16.30, Hanken, Arkadia building (Perho-wing), Arkadiankatu 24, Seminar Room on the 0-floor (if you have problem entering the building call 040 3521451)

Jeroen will also speak in the morning at Eetti's and SASK's common event, for more info see:

Short bio:

Jeroen's research interests lie at the crossroads of international relations, political economy, social movements, and the governance institutions of global industrial relations. He's e been particularly concerned with analysing the shifting nature of worker-employer relations within local, national and global (supply-chain) contexts; the role of ethical standards as embodied in codes of conduct and other voluntary instruments in regulating business practices; and the combined (but uneven) emergence of cross-border networks of NGOs and trade unions keeping transnational corporations accountable for labour rights violations. Since 2003, he was a research and policy coordinator at the International Secretariat of the Clean Clothes Campaign, a labour rights NGO with branches in 15 European countries and an extended network of partners in production countries. He was responsible for coordinating, planning and publishing research on the impact of private governance instruments on labour relations and working conditions. Jeroen has closely collaborated with unions, labour NGOs from South and South-East Asia, on these topics.

* den Hond, F, Stolwijk, S & Merk, J (2014) 'A strategic-interaction analysis of the CCC urgent appeal system and its outcomes for garment workers'' Mobilization: an international journal, 19 (1) pp. 83-111

on behalf of CCR, Nikodemus Solitander, Director, CCR