About Centre for Corporate Responsibility (CCR)

Get to know us!

CCR is a joint Research and Development Institute between  Hanken School of Economics and University of Helsinki

CCR aims at enhancing the understanding of the  interactions betweenbusiness, politics, and society –  particularly in relation to the societal impacts and responsibilities of business. It builds on research on (1) the societal responsibilities of business firms in specific communities, in the national context, as well as globally, and (2) the interactions between business firms and various governmental and non-governmental actors. Associated research fields include Corporate Social Responsibility / Corporate Responsibility (CSR/CR), business and society, business ethics, political economy, and responsible management education. 

CCR fosters in all its activities cross-disciplinarity and multi-stakeholder cooperation. Additionally it aims at promoting and developing research with high societal impact, relevance and accessibility to its stakeholders.

The Institute and its Secretariat is based at Hanken School of Economics.