CIEL - the Center of International Economic Law

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The Center of International Economic Law

The Center of International Economic Law is established by the Department of Law to promote and to conduct research and teaching within the field of International Economic Law. It focuses mainly on EU-regulation and the new legal and institutional environment for business.

CIEL - Board

CIEL has a board consisting of Niklas Bruun, Matti Kukkonen, Anders von Koskull, Marcus Norrgård, Ralf Lindbäck and Henrika Nybondas-Kangas.
Chairman Niklas Bruun and director Marcus Norrgård.

CIEL - Activities

The activities at CIEL include seminars, symposiums and courses. CIEL arranges seminars focusing particularly on EC law with experts in the field. CIEL aims to provide information, and at providing a forum for debate concerning recent development within the EU legislation.

Another goal of CIEL is to conduct research, both basic and applied. The focus of the this research is on EU-law and international business law. CIEL also undertakes research assignments for enterprises, public and private organisations and for EU-institutions.

CIEL - Co-Operation Agreements

CIEL has entered into a framework agreement on mutual co-operation with respect to the study of EC social and labour law with the Copenhagen Business School (Law Department) and the National Institute for Working Life (Stockholm). This agreement provides a good basis for co-operation and it allows for the participation of other European researchers.

CIEL - Kurs i EU-arbetsrätt / EU:n työoikeuden erikoiskurssi

Cielin EU-työoikeuden erikoiskurssi 2017 järjestetään 14 helmikuuta.

EU:n työoikeuden erikoiskurssin 2017 ohjelma ja ilmoittautumiskaava.pdf