The PhD Programme Board

The PhD Programme is led by a board which is appointed by the Rector, and the board reports to the Rector.

It is chaired by the Dean of Research and consists of senior professors from Hanken’s five departments. It makes proposals to the Academic Council and the Board of Hanken in matters related to the PhD Programme, and is responsible for organizing the programme to fulfil the aims as well as the output goals of the Ministry of Education and Culture. The PhD Programme Board (PPB) evaluates applicants to the programme and proposes to the Rector the students to be admitted to the PhD programme. PBB evaluates the progress of admitted students, and ensures that they have access to a sufficient selection of suitable doctoral courses.

Members of Hanken PhD Programme Board

Term of office 1.1.2016 – 31.12.2018

Chair: Dean of Research professor Timo Korkeamäki

Professor Minna Martikainen
Professor Sören Kock
Professor Rune Stenbacka
Professor Veronica Liljander