External Relations and Communication

The External relations and communications unit at Hanken consists of 14 people, who together are responsible for Hanken's marketing and communications, corporate and alumni relations, career services, and fundraising.

Marketing and Communication

Outreach and Corporate Relations


Marketing and Communication


Five persons work with marketing and communications team, which works with the following work areas:

  • Internal and external communication
  • Student recruitment
  • Web development and content production
  • Social media
  • Production of printed and digital marketing material


PR Officer Marlene Günsberg 


  • Produces and publishes press releases
  • Coordinates the internal communication (internal newsletters, news for employees etc.)
  • Produces news and content for the Hanken website
  • Responsible for the production of the annual report and the Hanken Newsletter

Marketing Assistant Natalia Boltovskaya

  • Develops and carries out the marketing activities towards and visibility of Hanken in Russia
  • Supports the international marketing of Hanken
  • Responsible for the layout of Hanken material, e.g. advertisements, brochures, flyers, and posters

Online Marketing Coordinator Lukas Lundin

  • Develops, follows up and analyses the online visibility of Hanken (search engine optimization, AdWords, web traffic)
  • Produces digital marketing material (banners, video, email)
  • Participates in the development and execution of the social media presence and communication of Hanken

Coordinator of the Helsinki Alliance Jennifer Finnilä

  • Secretary and administrator for the Management and Coordination teams of the alliance
  • Plans and coordinates student recruitment events (Högskoledagarna, SACO)
  • Coordinates the activities of the different task groups

Outreach and Corporate Relations

The team includes the following areas of responsibility:

  • Alumni activities
  • Corporate connections
  • Career Services
  • Fundraising
  • The Hanken Partner Programme

Head of Outreach and Corporate Relations Camilla Wardi

  • Leads and develops Hanken's alumni programme, corporate relations, career services and fundraising
  • Responsible for communication regarding the team's areas of activities
  • Contact person towards institutions and authorities, responsible for fundraising permits, tax-deduction and matching schemes

Alumni Coordinator Nathalie Edman-Koskell (on leave)

Alumni Coordinator Mira Aarnivuo 

  • Plans and carries out alumni activities and events (Hanken Day, International Alumni days and alumni events in Helsinki)
  • Produces the electronic Alumni newsletter and Exchange letter
  • Administrates alumni information on the web and alumni contact information

Corporate Relations Manager Nikoline Stenman-Möller

  • Develops and coordinates the collaboration and communication between Hanken and the business world
  • Responsible for coordinating the activities within the Hanken Partner Programme and serves as the main contact person for the Hanken Partner companies
  • Arranges events and activities intended for companies (Hanken Business Forum, Hanken Network Day)

Corporate Relations Coordinator Minna Kullas (Vaasa)

  • Arranges events intended for alumni and Partner companies in Vaasa
  • Coordinates the corporate connections and partnership activities of Hanken in Vaasa
  • Serves as a Hanken representative in several cooperative organizations in the Vaasa region

Manager, Career Services Susanna Paul

  • Leads and develops Career Services at Hanken
  • Supports the students in their career choices through career related seminars and events and helps with career related questions
  • Executes career related events for students (Hanken Network Day, company presentations, seminars, case workshops, intensive days,Working Breakfasts etc.)
  • Markets the Career Services activities and creates connected material (for e.g. advertisement boards, web, newsletters)
  • Responsible for the internship programme
  • Responsible for the execution and reporting of alumni career surveys
  • Contact person in the Aarresaari network, Hanken Network Day, ARENA fair and for companies interested in contacting targeted Hanken students through aimed communication

Assistant Melina Weckman

  • Supports the Unit with different ad-hoc tasks
  • Maintains websites
  • Constructs career-related surveys

Planning Officer Ann-Christine Hemming (Vaasa)

  • Plans and carries out the activities of Career Services in Vaasa
  • Manages the student career counselling in Vaasa
  • Carries out the Internship programme and Mentorship programme in Vaasa